After the death of the head of their family, a mother, her daughter, and two sons are lost, but left with no choice but to continue a family tradition. A ritual that sees the head of the family hunting out in the streets for a human prey, that he will take home for the whole family for them to feast on.

“Somos Lo Que Hay” is the original Spanish title of this 2010 horror, and is the debut film of director Jorge Michel Grau.

A cannibal drama is a suitable genre for this. Its not your cliche cannibal horror. Shows the domestic struggles of a cannibal family, who just like any other normal family, are dysfunctional and have issues within the household. The film tackles issues of the bonds within the family and the relationship they have with each other. Mostly showcasing poverty as well. In a city filled with corrupt cops, prostitutes, and the underprivileged, its a dog eat dog world.

An interesting look at cannibals in the city if I must say. The atmosphere is quiet, but the images and the story telling make the experience great. The finale is a bone crushing, gut sorting blowout.

I enjoyed this.