Friends with Benefits

Touching, Funny and warm. 

Justin Timberlake stars as Dylan; the arts director for GQ magazine in NYC alongside Mila Kunis  who plays Jamie a successful headhunter. Dylan meets Jamie when he flies over from LA for his job interview with GQ magazine and is her client. Jamie becomes a friend to Dylan in NYC since he has no friends in this town as yet apart from Tommy who is his gay colleague who Dylan keeps a distance with for obvious reasons. Dylan and Jamie who are both on the rebound after failed relationships are currently off the market and living it up single like George Clooney (Or so they think). FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS finally is a rom-com for both male and the female audience. Fast flowing and hilarious it’s a very well-orchestrated directorial by Will Gluck. 

The success behind FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS is a great combination of acting talent, script and the directorial. Dylan and Tommy (Woddy Harreison) keep the whole life in the movie all cheerful at all times. I have watched Justin Timberlake in many movies before however this is by far one his best performances. The scene on the Hollywood sign is hilarious and very brilliantly done by both Justin and Mila. (You have got to watch this). Since the performance in BLACK SWAN to see Mila Kunis on screen is quite welcome. The 28 year old Ukrainian beauty is as stunning as always and very convincing. During the latter moments when her character moves into realization she brings out Jamie convincingly and connects with the viewers. Even so drawing a few tears if you’re very sensitive. Especially to a female audience! Jenna Elfman who is hilarious in the sitcom ACCIDENTLLY ON PURPOSE plays a mellow Annie, who is Dylan’s sister. Richard Jenkins as always has clarity. If you have seen him in VISITOR you will know exactly what I am refereeing to. However this time round he is a mix between being serious and funny and he does not seem to enjoy wearing his pants much! 

A very modern soundtrack compliments this worth watching movie. Most directors fail to infiltrate mass numbers of viewers today since they mess up on the soundtracks. Musical scores and soundtracks are an extension to the greatness and the success of a movie. As much as the visual senses are tingled by lively colors and amazing scenic beauties of the skyline in NY and LA, the auditory senses need some sensation too. Will Gluck’s choices in the auditory aspects are smart selections. The soundtrack can be called very commercial and less original, however, the more the people know it the more they will enjoy it. Would I be right in saying that? 

A movie not be missed, it’s not too heavy to grasp, a very basic story of emotion. It may be called a low calorie movie! Well balanced in its humor and lighter moments. Although it is not for the whole family (due to nudity) it’s a movie worth spending your money and time on.

Title: Friends with Benefits

Directed by: Will Gluck

Starring: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Jenna Elfman, Richard Jenkins, Bryan Greenberg & Woody Harreison


Rating: 07/10


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