Mr.Enslin please don’t do this…………… The last words said to him before he enters room 1408……. #Chills running down spine#

Mike Enslin (John Cusack) a published author of some great horror novels has a very authentic method of inspiration. His inspiration lies in the experience of the deep dark world spirits. Yet to have a confrontation with an evil spirit Enslin is a non-believer who twists his tales to come up with some great novels. Enslin receives a post card on a bright sunny morning that warns him of room 1408. What’s Room 1408? Located in New York City, at the Dolphin hotel, room 1408 has never missed on devouring its paying customers into its deepest darkest corners and none have left alive. This sort of tease is just the exact thing Enslin is looking for. Just like Adam ate from the tree he was not supposed in the Garden of Eden, Enslin wanted nothing more than to check into room1408. Hotel manager Gerald Olin (Samuel Jackson) who has seen and lived through some of the grotesque moments of the handy work of the evil in the room denies Enslin at point blank in the most polite of manners. The adamant and stubborn writer persuades the manager and finally wins the debate and gains the keys to the room. In a room where no one has spent over an hour and lived to tell the story, would Mike Enslin survive a night?

The low lying Hollywood man who is not new to this genre of movie making runs a one man show. Without a doubt the lions’ share of the movie is for John Cusack. If you have watched him in Identity you will know before you pop the DVD in that he is a man with taste for this kind of a hunt. What he does exceptionally well in Identity back in 2003 he does it all over again SOLO in 1408. Taking up a role in a horror movie is always a great challenge and to take up one where you’re the entire movie needs a lot of guts. If the movie does fail, it’s all on you but in this case when it’s a success, you know you got talent. I am sure we have all watched the box office slop and remake of the once great The Nightmare on Elm Street well this is exactly what 1408 is not! What that room does to Cusack is believable on so many different levels and his convincing approach makes me want to switch the lights on in my apartment as I am watching it. # Yes I am scared, yes I am a grown man, but watch it if your laughing at this point, I will give you some tips on how to in a while #. We all agree that a climax in a movie is what makes it or breaks it. How many of those sordid movies that never should have been made have we walked away just because the ending made a decent wrap up? Hanna is one that I felt was a waste of time until the ending swept me away. It’s a devious approach the producers and directors play on us! So getting back to where I am coming from, the build up to the events, the screen time Samuel Jackson puts up with John Cusack is intense and it’s safe to say a bit spooky. Samuel Jacksons’ convincing hotel manager gets your fear all built up. That voice alone and those vicious eyes in that dark suit drive those nails right into the coffin of horror. The deal is sealed. Does it unveil well? That’s entirely your decision.

Tips on how to watch a horror flick

I have met many a major heroes who say, horror movies are for the weak.  I have had people say The Ring dumbest movie I have seen! That’s not scary. So my next question is where you watched it? The most common answer is… oh last afternoon at home or last evening with a bunch of friends. I agree movies need to be watched a with a crowd to share the sense of entertainment, but if you’re watching it for the chills and if you really want to see if you have the heart of a lion, follow the next few tips.

1.       ALWAYS watch a horror movie alone ( I am trying to prove a point here)

2.       The only light that should be switched on in your apartment should be the TV

3.       The apartment needs to be empty. ( It’s not exactly a very brave thing to be in the TV room all by yourself when you got 25 family members in the next room)

4.       Try not to be disturbed. Make sure you have everything you need right beside your for 120 minutes, Soda, sandwich etc.

5.       NOW YOU TELL ME IF YOU’RE STILL NOT AFRAID. If you are, welcome to the world of horror, if your still not, good for you!


Title: 1408

Directed by: Mikael Hafstorm

Starring: John Cusack & Samuel L Jackson

Rated: Rated PG-13 for thematic material including disturbing sequences of violence and terror, frightening images and language

Rating: 07/10

104 Minutes

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