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The Wedding Singer (1998)

Take great music, great clothing, 90 minutes of pop cultures refences from a truely great decade the 1980s and one of the coolest cameos of all time from Billy Idol  and you have Frank Coraci’s the Wedding Singer. 

The Wedding Singer is a story set in Ridgefield, Ill. in 1985.  The movie follows Robbie Hart played by Adam Sandler and Julia Sullivan played by Drew Barrymore and there story of love.  The film starts off with a fun scene at a wedding with Julia serving fish and prime rib and Robbie singing on stage. The two meet and they learn that the both of them have other love interests. Robbie is engaged to a women who ends up leaving him at the alter.  While Julia simply relizes she not in love with Glen, but she’s in love with Robbie.  In the end the two end up together and  they get married.

What makes the Wedding Singer worth watching you may ask? Well it’s the characters in the first scene the audience is introducted to a character named George played by Alexis Arquette this character is in the same band as Robbie and is dressed like Boy George from  Culture Club and the only song he can sing is “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” Another character that bring several laughs to several scenes is Robbies best friend Sammy. The clothing that he wears simply brings back  so many memories from the 80s. Christine Taylor’s character Holly Sullivan looks like Maddona and it’s great the last character that completes the film is Glen the man who is obsessed with the television show “Miami Vice” everything from the cloths that he wears to the music that he listens to in his Delorin.

The Wedding Singer is a fun comedy with a great soundtrack and a great movie story it’s the kind of movie that you can watch over and over and not get tired of it.    

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