I was out and about this Halloween weekend and figured I would take in a good old fashion horror movie to celebrate the weekend saw 3d the final chapter. It stars . It’s directed by Kevin Greutert and runs 90 minutes. The setting for jigsaw’s final gore fest takes place in what look like New York City to me. The movie centers on the suviors of jigsaw’s traps over the last few films. They get together  to talk about what happen with the self help guru and fellow survivor bobby Dagan played  by (Sean Patrick flanery). Sean has deep dark secret that unleash jigsaw’s terror i’ll let you find out because that’s a big part of the story line. There is a fight for the legacy of jigsaw between hi   ex wife Jill tucker played by (Betsy Russell) wife and partner in crime Det. Mark Hoffman played by (Costas Mandy or) that causes a lot of grief for the local police dept.  The local police dept tries to solve  jigsaws murder traps all over the city as Det. Hoffman tries to catch Jill and keep her from going the police. The traps set all over the city are going to make you cringe; i guess that’s the point with jigsaw.   The story line about how Bobby Dagan came to be who he is in the movie a so called survivor is good for a horror movie like saw. The 3d effects add to the  blood and gory, it actually made me cringe at the trap scenes coming out of the screen. One example is a scene that Jill tucker was dreaming about, det. Hoffman had her tied up in a warehouse and sent a giant arrow flying towards her and split her in half. The body parts came right out of the screen and felt like it would land on your lap. The 3d effects in my opion are a good thing for horror movies it adds to the realization of the movie. I thought the use of the junk yard at night was a great effect   from the character Hoffman and his mind set.I would give it 3 stars for   the story line and the 3d effects and some crazy traps that I won’t describe I’ll let you go see it for yourself. All in all I had a productive day before Halloween got my errands done, and took in a guilty pleasure of this Halloween treat.