The Harry Potter saga is officially over with the release of the final installment and although it wasn’t perfect it still manages to go out with a bang. Harry Potter is the biggest movie and book series of my lifetime and I got to say it was pretty tough letting go of it. I’ve read the books several times through, but it still had me tearing up to see the credits go by for the last time. Part 2 continues immediately from where part 1 left off, continuing with Harry’s quest to destroy the remaining horcruxes and stop Voldemort once and for all, while leading to the big money shot of a final battle that has built up for several years now.

The movie still has plenty of problems trying to translate all the handfuls of pages on to the big screen, starting with the missing friendship of Ron and Harry. I mean could Ron even look the slightest bit interested when Harry leaves to most likely die? The relationship between the two was almost non-existent. I also felt like there was more of a romance between Hermione and Harry in part one and two than her and Ron, and when they finally kiss it’s just random and awkward, clearly Emma Watson was not feeling it because it shows when the characters eventually hook-up.

The movie seem to fall in love with slow motion too, which was just really out of place. I mean they were going slow motion like crazy and unless Harry switched his name to Neo it’s just unnecessary. The only other real complaints I had were that they just should have cut out the epilogue, but it’s in the book, so I can’t blame them and the lighthearted tone they tried to take, people are dying all around you, stop cracking jokes! I mean could we please try to take war and death a little serious?

Look past all the little relationship issues and slow motion and you do still have one of the best movies of the year, hands down. There was plenty of action and just the anticipation for the final battle is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. It gave me all the closure I needed to move on and I love the film; part one was better for me, but still loved it. Definitely got to check this one out if you’re a fan of the series and thank them for all the memories they left us with. Now it’s only a matter of time before you see Albus Potter and the unnecessary spin-off.