The Mist stars Thomas Jane known mainly for his roles in (The Punisher,Deep Blue Sea).Also satrring is Marcia Gay Harden  (Into The Wild),Laurie Holden (Fantastic Four,Silent Hill)Andre Braugher(Rise Of The Silver Surfer,Poseidon,Into The Wild)William Sadler(The Green Mile,Shawshank Redemption,Trespass,Bill n Ted’s Bogus Journey,Die Hard 2 and lastly Chris Owen who will be mostly known ffrom the American Pie films as Sherman and in the recent Bank Job.The Mist was directed by three time oscar nominated Frank Darabont who gave us The Green Mile,Executive producer for Colateral,the screenplay for The Fly 2 and The Shawshank Redemption.

Joe Drayton(Jane)is a hollywood artist who whilst finishing his latest picture realises there is a most unusual thunderstorm and as he and his family take a look the house is hit by a tree.The next morning Drayton notices a large mist cloud drawing nearer and nearer to his house and goes round to speak to his next door neighbour about the damage caused and they take a trip into the local supermarket and soon after the whole town hears a loud siren and the mist has covered the whole town and a man arrives screaming, not to go outside into the mist and they bolt the doors closed and wait.As people become more frightened some leave to go home,but never return.Later a group decide to go and find out what is going on in the back room and are attacked by a large tentacle like ceature and a young man is dragged off(Owen)the group try to convine the remaining survivors there is a large tentacled creature outside and again are attacked by new creatures,smaller,but which can fly and poison them.A small group decide to go off and find medical help and come across the original group never to return and are again attacked by even more deadly creatures.After fleeing back to the store,the group begin to believe through a religious woman(Harden) that this is an act of god and he is punishing them.More and more people fall prey to the religious woman beliefs and the few who don’t must make a stand and again decide themselves to go into the mist and find help and then comes the surprise of the most shocking endings.

This film is from the horror mastermind of Stephen King and will terrify you to your very soul.It deals with a lot of issues like religion,paranoia,isolation and human instincts for survival.It is lead by Tom Jane who gives my favourite performance to date And is backed by an extraordinary co-cast and really have you feel for them and want them to survive.The setting is as simple as it can get,with most of shis  being in a superstor gives you the sense of being trapped and people fear and beliefs.The story line was going to  be a worry and you are just waitng for the cheesy one liners and  ending,but these never happen.The script was astonishing because in alot of films similiar to this you only ever get 3-5 people who have good lines,but there were so many varied charcters given to you in this,that you were always anticipating each persons responses throughout.

Another worry for me with this was with the monsters and seeing if they were poorly made.Again never a problem mainly because you only really see the smaller creatures and the bigger ones are teased in now and again but are used for your imaginaion,which for me works best in this really case does and brings the horor factor into play even more so.Director Barabont has made this in a very mature way and uses many everday life factors to bring you a world of fear and paranoia and mixes it with religion and human beliefs.The cgi used for the monsters was sublime and everything mixed perfectly to give you one of the most intense horrors i have and i’m sure many would agree will see.

As you will now know i am an avid horor fan and it takes alot for me to get excited about certain horrors and with all my worries and doubts with this being completely scrapped ,I cannot recommend this film enough.I do believe alot of people will probably find the monsters not to be used enough,but thet are extremely frightening and this i feel adds to the tension and unknown.And again many will feel the religion factor plays too big a part in this,but these are everyday  factors mixed with the unknown.This i am sure will frighten most people and with one of the most surprising endings i have ever seen you will have so many thoughts racing through your mind about what you would have done to do  deal wih the situation.With many films blendid like Cloverfield,Godzilla with a hint of Arachnophobia and Evolution put together with very believable acting and characters,this is a must must see now on sight film.Absolute smasher go see……