As the title says this film is about two guys from interior tamilnadu who want to excel in their own field namely, stage drama and robbery but at the cost of others.They are at loggerheads for even very silly issues leading to freaquent quarrel between their family.

VISHAL who plays the role of a stage performer has outshined ARYA(robber) in his performance which many feel would earn him the prestigious national award.Acting with squint eyes is never so easy and vishal simply won miilions of hearts with his efforless touchy acting.AMBIKA who plays the role of aryas mother has taken the audiences aback with her hardecore acting and am reminded of her popular dialogue in this film, asking her son arya to leave some wine for her to drink in the night.

The film starts of with a rusty typical village kind of a quarrel between the two familes one of aryas and the other of vishals.The quarrel is such that it took the audience by surprise with its portrayal ,usage of filthy language which made many feel uncomfortable. Taking into account BALAs style of film-making and the plot of the story  the language used in this film is  very  much acceptable.But where bala fails is when he loses the plot in the second half which is draggy and boring to say the least.

Unlike other bala films this just seems to hve lost emotional appeal and makes some wonder about why would a director of balas stature would end up doing such a film after a series of critically acclaimed films.This is neither a hillarious nor an emotional .Probably bala thought he could win this just with vishal and aryas scrren presence and he badly failed at that.