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Just go with it-Review

            It was Danny’s (Adam Sandler) big day to marry the girl of his dreams, until he overhears the bride saying hurtful things about her settling and not really in love with him. With a broken heart and an unmarried ring, Danny goes to a bar to drink away his pain. A beautiful woman walks in and sits next to him after turning down every guy in the bar. Hence began the beginning of Danny using his engagement ring to pick up woman. For years, he would tell lies of being in a dead marriage to soften the hearts of attractive women. One day, he stumbles upon a school teacher named, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) and is instantly head over heels for her. One night of passionate connection and he doesn’t want to use the broken marriage scheme but she finds the ring in his pocket. He quickly comes up with another lie. Palmer wants him to prove that his marriage is over by meeting the wife. Desperate to keep her, Danny convinces his assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to play his wife and tell Palmer that is over between them. Will Katherine participate in Danny’s lies? Will Palmer buy into it or will she figure out the truth? 



            Well, this film is funnier than I thought it would be. I was expecting to just watch a movie only just to watch it and not be entertained. I was so wrong. I like that Sandler played a different role from his usual typical loser yet funny roles; in this movie he is a successful doctor and also funny. I love the way Danny picks at Katherine, so playful and open. Every time, Sandler makes a joke at Aniston, his laugh seems so real, more real than his other movies. Watch any of his other films and compare his laughs, I guarantee you will see a difference. I know this is not really an important factor but it is because it’s what makes the movie even better. Anyway, I also like the connection between Danny and Katherine. The everyday work colleague that you can joke around with and share stories about personal matters while also keeping humor in them, a joy to watch. Katherine’s children, Maggie (Baliee Madison) and Michael (Griffin Gluck) are too funny and too cute for words. I’ve watched Baliee in a couple of films and they all seem like safe characters-although she is a good actor but safe. I enjoyed seeing her come out of the box with her character in this movie, she is going places. This is an absolute fun movie to watch. All in all, I will buy this film on DVD or Blu-ray.

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  1. Agreed! Simply lovely to watch. Initially, I saw Sandler with the big nose and thought “Argggh” but I was pleasantly surprised. I even enjoyed Aniston’s role which was a likeable character. Not oscar material but great, light entertainment. Ps. you’re right about Madison, she’s so talented.

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