Rubber (2010)

The default reaction to seeing a movie about a killer tire is probably that it’s really dumb, but my first thought was that movie should be great. Movies that really don’t care how ridiculous they are usually turn out to be the most fun to watch and this movie was as ridiculous as possible. The movie follows a living tire with telepathic power that goes around killing innocent humans for no reason. The movie is very proud of it’s ridiculous plot and openly tells you there is no reason for anything, but not having a plot is a problem, no matter how ridiculous.

You at no point really have any clue what’s going on and the best I can say is they make it from an odd perspective too. They follow a group of people that are watching the story of the tire unfold right in front of them while the actors seem to have no idea they are in a movie. The main character a police officer named Chad and his assistant appear to be the only ones aware of being in a movie breaking the fourth wall multiple times and trying to kill the onlookers so that they can end it and go home.

The movie has no plot, no real characters, and no real purpose. The director I guess thought so highly of the idea that he decided to just not even include the story he wrote just talk about how ridiculous it is, but what he needs to realize is a bad movie is not made better by you saying that it’s bad. The story sounded cool, but it was like the tire was one of the short films Pixar puts before it’s movies, because it’s always interesting, but completely irrelevant to the actual movie; the only difference being Pixar movies are usually good.

The movie was really original, but they were so busy explaining how original it is that they didn’t bother making a movie, they made whatever that was supposed to be. The acting is bad, the movie gets very confusing and it only makes it boring. The characters are not developed and there is no explanation for anything so with no way to piece it together I can’t help but think the whole movie was useless. It really isn’t even worth watching, it’s not the movie from the description, it’s the directors excuse to tell the audience how much of a genius he is for an hour and a half.

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