Adam Sandler has checked off another name on his list of hotties he wanted make out with in a movie.  This time he gets Jennifer Aniston (lucky so-and-so) to do the honors.  He does bring in a couple of his normal crew (Kevin Nealon and Allen Covert), but gets new people to round out the cast.  Nicole Kidman plays the evil ex-“frenemy” of Aniston, and Dave Matthews plays her snooty husband.  Nick Swardson brings a lot of laughs as Eddie, Sandler’s cousin and complete idiot.  And model Brooklyn Decker lends more hotness as Sandler’s much younger love interest.  At this point, does it need to be said we’re in “Romantic Comedy” territory?  Does Aniston do anything else?  And really, Sandler doesn’t do much else now, either.

Sandler stars as Danny Maccabee, a plastic surgeon who uses a wedding ring to get all the women he wants and leave them immediately afterward, guilt-free.  (Is it so easy for you?)  Only Sandler can make an obvious D-Bag seem charming and likable.  But when “the one” falls into his lap, Palmer (Decker), and the ring drives her away, he has to make up lies to fix the whole thing.  And, of course, it takes a predictable path of lies begetting more lies.  Enter Aniston, who plays Danny’s secretary, Katherine, and agrees to act like Danny’s wife to convince  Palmer they are getting divorced.  If you’ve seen any romantic comedy before, you know how this goes.

Soon, Katherine’s children are brought into it, played by Bailey Madison and Griffin Gluck.  Madison (you may have seen her in several TV series including CSI: NY, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, and House MD) plays Maggie, an aspiring actor who has been working on several accents… oh brother!  The horrendous British accent that comes out of her just makes one want to punch her dead in the face if she wasn’t a ten year old girl.  But the saving grace of that is, it’s so over-the-top that it’s obviously meant to be that bad.  Refer to the scene when Danny asks them to be involved and Maggie asks if she can do an accent.  “Let’s hear it,” says Danny.  And before she gets two full words out, he yells “NO!”  But when they meet Palmer she jumps into the accent and they’re stuck with it… for almost the entire movie!  And we’re back to wanting to punch a ten year old girl!  Yes, I do feel a bit ashamed for that, but there it is!  Gluck (only two titles under his belt at the point of filming this movie) does an excellent job as Michael, who wants to swim with the dolphins, despite the fact that he can’t swim.  He does a great coercion of Danny to take them to Hawaii, and that’s the catalyst for the obvious romance that follows.

This movie is like every other romantic comedy ever made, if you haven’t gotten that hint.  But it is still very funny!  Sandler is now a comedy legend, and Aniston, while not a comedy “legend”, is still hilarious in everything she does, and we know we’ll get a good laugh, even as we swoon over her girl-next-door looks and charm.  One of the best scenes doesn’t involve comedy at all, but is the scene where Aniston, now in her early forties, has a bikini showdown with Decker, almost twenty years younger.  The DVD has a making-of (that I love so much) that shows a side-by-side screen shot of Aniston and Decker in their bikinis.  Despite the nearly twenty year difference, they have almost exactly the same body!  Yay for Aniston!

Otherwise, this movie gives laughs and hot babes for the guys, and  all the romance the women can handle.  But I can’t help feeling like I’ve seen it a hundred times before.  And with yet another movie with nothing but hot people and beautiful settings, I feel like Sandler is just showing off.  Yes, we know you have a great life, and we all wish we could be you and live in Hawaii and make out with hot people all day every day.  Frankly, I’m rather tired of looking at what I can never have and I’m almost ready to stop watching your movies because of it.  Bitter?  Me?  Sue me!

~ Kit