In 1977, director Steven Spielberg made a film called “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” which explored the mystery of extra-terrestrial beings. Now almost 35 years later, Mr. Spielberg teams up with director J. J. Abrams to give us the world of “Super 8”. Combing the love of making a movie, the paranoia of the 1970s, and aliens, we get a wonderful little film that far exceeds expectations.

The plot of the movie surrounds a small town in suburban Ohio during the summer of 1979. Here, we center on a group of kids who are making their own little zombie flick so that they can enter a local film festival. On particular night of filming, the group witnesses an account of a train exploding right before their very eyes. Soon, the local army comes in and tries to make everything look like as if nothing had happened. The kids, however, try to discover the mystery behind this unusual train crash that leads to a being from another world.

“Super 8” is an amazing movie that needs to be seen. The reason behind this is because of how good the production values are. For one thing, the cast is perfect, making the actors and actresses be believable and the performances outstanding. The direction from J. J. Abrams results in some of the best tense moments to ever be put on film. Yet what really makes this movie shine is the setting of the entire production. The location that all the action takes place in really captures the atmosphere of the 1970s. Speaking of the 70s, the film captures the paranoia that was happening of the time, mostly having the United States come out of Vietnam, and letting people be aware that some terrible force of evil is coming. This movie provides a lot of great moments including young filmmakers who want to make it to the big league with their student film. Everything stands out very well here, making this film a perfect movie to enjoy.

The only negative aspects that I can say for “Super 8” are the build-up leading to the main sections of the film and the alien that is revealed. The amount of time we get to where the main action takes place happens nearly 10 to 15 minutes into the movie, and that kind of turned me off as I was hoping for the action to have a slower start. The other thing that I can criticize the movie for is the way the monster is detailed. I’m not going to spoil anything right now, but let’s just say that the creature effects could have had a better design to them.

Overall, “Super 8” is a great movie that puts you back to a time when movies were actually creative. This film has it all, great cast, great direction, and most of all perfect location for a science fiction movie. I recommend this to anyone who loves sci-fi films and the chance to be creative with something.