Super 8 is the newest film from the mind of J.J. Abrams and follows the adventures of a group of teenagers  during the late 70’s. The group is trying to make a zombie movie when a train derails behind them and something that was on the train gets loose. The military begins to show up and begins covering things up, but the small town soon finds out that some secrets are too big to keep hidden.

The film has a problem with deciding what kind of film it is. It can go from being comical or sad to being suspenseful or even somewhat scary. The film has to plots, one being the group of kids and the other being the monster/alien story, yes they come together, but the kids make the movie good, not the creature. The movie suffers from pointless characters and even more pointless side plots.

Super 8 is a great film, the kids in the film are incredible and some of them are first timers which just makes their performance more impressive. They do a better job of stealing the spotlight, their story, even their movie is more interesting to me, the film could have just been about them making this film and I would have liked it all the same. The film tries to be so suspenseful and scary, but then it turns the film ends very Iron Giant like. The ending was ridiculously cheesy, just a warning to all of you. It was about as cheesy as it gets next to the monster hugging them all as it phones home.

Overall, I really enjoyed it, but someone really needs to let J.J. know he doesn’t have to try so hard to make everything a monster movie with special effects, he made a really good story about a group of kids and really could have made another film just about them and it might have been better. The acting was good, effects were cool, the monster wasn’t really disappointing, just different, but great film nonetheless and I highly recommend it. This just makes me look forward to Cowboys and Aliens more and more.