This movie is a franchise. So I will make you remember the last scene of the previous one. Jack sparrow taking the map of fountain of youth.! This is about the story here.

Rob Marshall brings in POC part 4. Well coming to the movie we see opening scene as dark as possible and thrilling and then what happened? Jack sparrow enters brings in the chaos in the streets of london. Some humor filled scenes and also long chases with regular music by Hans Zimmer. What surprising here is to see an impostor of jack sparrow. Actually the impostor is she. She is considered to be the old love of Jack sparrow. What about Elizabeth swann in the movie. Now I understand why jack kept away from elizabeth in the previous movies. He is now heading for the fountain of youth. Unfortunately he has lost the map. But the map is with his partner Gibbs. Gibbs gets caught by Barbossa. He burns the map and says that he has everything in here. I might consider a doubt that where did he get enough time to read all those stuffs! So Jack sparrow now being caught plans to capture the ship. After a few dramatic scenes with lengthy sword fights we get into the main bad ass in this movie Blackbeard. His character was so late in the movie. I almost waited years for him to come on screen. In a scene he explains jack that he needs the fountain as he visioned barbossa killing him. Jack by no other way to escape has to agree to this. Now we are narrated that they need a drop of mermaids tear, two silver chalices and also water of the fountain. All three things are to be taken ? already 60 minutes has been over. There has been nothing so far in the movie.

To the special surprise we see the beautiful girls as mermaids. But we know they are not that too easy to take as a gift. They are wild toothed creatures. They too have feelings! This makes me believe in mermaids and I need to see them in my life at least once. All the regular stuff goes on , and meanwhile Jack is on his way to find the silver chalices. This movie is dragging dragging and dragging. Finally we get a tedious rotten journey for the fountain of youth without depth in the story.

Character development in the movie is ok. We have already the developed characters in the previous movies. But here I expected character development for the Black beard and his daughter Angelica. But I did not find them . So I am forced to cut one mark for this.

Performances are usual and no spectacular performances seen. Johnny depp as Jack sparrow is still with the same humor and clever plans and he always likes to be called Captain. When he hears of his impostor, he does not sigh a bit even! Where is jack sparrow now? I am disappointed. Penelope cruz as angelica is typical and her speaking slang is different. Ian Mcshane as Blackbeard is evil guy. His motives explains his reactions. His dialogues during his introduction defines his character. Geoffrey rush as Barbossa is sub dued and his talent is wasted. Rest others did not have much to offer.

Dialogues in the movie are sometimes applied and mostly wasted. For example, The fountain will test you jackie! But in the end it tested my nerve. I did not find it tested jack sparrow and neither anyone in the movie., except the viewers. Another instant when Jack says I do not have the feeling when I jump! When just a doll is thrown, we get a loud scream of Jack. Is that necessary for a serious movie! I think this movie will land as a comical movie. Even though it still irritates.

What is great here is the special effects, the loud and regular music of Hans Zimmer re collecting the past of the movies~! and not to forget is the spectacular cinematography. Pirates of the Carribean : On Stranger Tides required depth in the story , characters and needed lot of narration. It was funny , irritating and yet boring. I give D for the movie .