Tangled (2010)“Here comes the smolder.”

Tangled is a loose retelling of the old tale of Rapunzel and her extremely overlong golden hair (they changed the name to better attract boys as well as girls to the movie due to The Princess and the Frog not doing as well as they hoped. Typical). It boasts an extremely likeable cast, with Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember) as the beautiful Rapunzel, Zachary Levi (NBC’s Chuck) as the suave Flynn Ryder, and Donna Murphy (The Fountain)  as Mother Gothel. This is a good movie for kids and adults alike, with lots of laughs, and great animation, it actually is fun for the whole family. No kidding.

Rapunzel (Moore), a young princess, is kidnapped at birth by an evil old woman named Gothel (Murphy) for the magical abilities her hair possesses. It can keep one young and can also stop people from dying as well as bring people back to life. She is taken to Gothel’s tower and raised as her daughter for her whole life and is never permitted to leave. 18 years later, a dashing rogue named Flynn Ryder (Levi) stumbles upon the tower and Rapunzel enlists his protection out in the wilderness.

Right after the opening prologue of the movie there is a musical scene which I did not expect. I did not hear tell this movie was a musical, when it’s not; there are only 3 or 4 musical scenes throughout. When the scene opened I was surprised, and then it sunk in and I said, “Oh, for fu- …wait, this isn’t that bad.” The musical scenes are done very well, and I was delighted that they didn’t make me want to rip my hair out and scream.  And even though they were good, I was glad that there wasn’t one every other scene. Disney really has to stop with the musical crap, hell, they shouldn’t have even started.

There’s a sort of slapstick humor with sharp dialogue as the shtick in this movie and it never fails. I thought it was pretty funny, there was even a scene that had me laughing really hard. There are 2 distinct characters in this movie, both that utter not one line of dialogue; one that is very funny and the other which has a few funny actions. The funnier is a horse named Maximus who acts like a dog. The other is a chameleon and has a few funny actions but for the most part is just a cutesy character to attract the kids more.

The animation has a realistic but cartoonish look to it; there’s a sort of realistic look to the characters but at the same time you think of it as cartoonish, like all other Disney movies. I’ve always loved that; you believe the characters to be normal human beings like the rest of us, but then you see one of them get smacked in the head with a frying pan 10 times and they DON’T die of blunt force trauma and internal bleeding. Now that, kids, is funny.

Its fault lies in that it follows the Disney formula. It’s easily predictable because we’ve seen it in every Disney made animated movie (Pixar doesn’t count). There are some sappy parts that made me roll my eyes in disgust, stuff that they don’t even have to put in the movie. But that happens in all of their movies so it didn’t turn me off from the movie. Kids probably wouldn’t be able to tell if it followed the same formula (not saying they wouldn’t, I could tell when I was a kid) so there will be no disappointments for them. For adults it’s more or less just ignoring it and enjoying the movie because it is a fun movie, there’s no denying that.

Tangled is a good kids movie that adults can enjoy too if they don’t take it too seriously. It has some great witty dialogue, catchy songs, and likeable characters. The story is solid but still follows the formulae of the Disney movie. But who cares? It’s funny.

Critique: 7/10

Personal enjoyment: 7/10