The basic storyline of the movie is about, duke who has a problem with speaking. The king has two sons. King wants the elder son to replace him as the next king. But there is a trouble with him which always , makes him feel away from others. Every Christmas , he delivers a speech. For the next Christmas, duke has the problem and the King is utterly Disappointed. With the same grief, even Duke’s wife finally takes him to a doctor, who has  almost a stammered son. The doctor tries all he can to make Duke realize his aim and restore the leadership. Then story takes a turn when, The king dies and now the question is who is gonna replace him? The younger brother is no good man and the elder brother is having the problem. So who will be the right king? is the basic storyline.Coming to the screenplay, the movie begins right away in a radio studio , where people are assembled outside to hear the voice of Duke. The duke and his wife are inside the studio getting ready for the speech. But the speech is not tolerated and Disappointed duke leaves the studio. From then, we see the ability of Duke and his training scenes with the doctor. Meanwhile, the King is having trouble and younger son’s character is portrayed. The movie takes a turn when, duke is forced to become the king. From then, onwards movie goes on a sentimental tone and the last 10 minutes of the movie is the highlight. The screenplay is perfect in almost every frame, but except 2-3 scenes , which were a bit disturbing the narrative, still convinces good. Right from the start, till the end, there is only one aspect focussed.The next aspect is the dialogs. When speaking about this movie, it is strictly dialog based movie. There is dialog in every frame and some dialogs are also touching. The dialogs in the church and doctor’s house are the stellar ones. There is ain’t any dialog that leaves a mark , but it satisfies.Coming to the performances and direction, this movie scores full in this department. The lead performances of Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are stellar and awesome. The supportive role of Helena Bonham Carter is also good. Micheal Gambon is good in his short role. For instances I remember Harry Potter when , Micheal sir,speaks. A bit shady and Negative role by Guy Pearce, is also good. Other characters suffused well. The scenes were perfectly taken and every frame was neat and did not have any mistakes. The Direction by Tom Hooper is perfect. Though I still thought that there was a bit lack of any tear giving scenes in the movie, but anyway it was good and touching.Technically this movie is not to be strictly spoken. The main reason is that , this movie is a drama. In dramas, all we find is only some music and locations. Speaking strictly, cinematography is good in the movie. There is lack of any strong score for the movie. But yet I heard them, at few instances. Editing is another department which was almost perfect.My final view: The movie is different and does not suit all kinds of audiences. Only for the viewers, who want a classic emotional story line and who likes the story of the King , they will appreciate. This movie is stellar in all aspects. Though it lacks a technical brilliance, it still holds good as a perfect drama of 120 minutes.  So in one word, FANTABULOUS.