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Varsity Blues (1999)

Sports movies have had a mixed reception amongst film critics. This type of genre can prove either good or bad movies. And 1999’s “Varsity Blues” is an example of a bad sports movie. Mainly downplaying the game of American football. The film has a good, strong cast, but is easily tampered by a cliched story. “Varsity Blues” is a bad sports movie that only manages itself with one saving grace: the acting.

The story centers on Jonathan “Mox” Moxon (James Van Der Beek) who only wants to finish his last year of high school in West Canaan, TX so that way he can forget about football and go to college. One night, during an important football game, the star quarterback gets severely injured and Mox takes his place. This displeases the coach (Jon Voight), however, as he treats Mox like crap as all he cares about is winning. Eventually, Mox becomes a hero yet he does not like the way his coach is leading the team. It’s up Mox and his friends to unite and show the coach how a game is really played.

“Varsity Blues” is a generic and stupid movie. The direction from Brian Robbins is terrible, the musical orchestration from Mark Isham could have used a better score, and the editing needed to make the film a bit longer. But where this movie really suffers is in the story department. It’s a bland, generic, and predictable script that we’ve done before in other movies. The dialogue is good, but the basic premise for the entire production is suffered from this one major flaw.

That being said, the film does have one positive aspect: the acting. The performances are fine and each actor and actress handles their respective roles well. If only the script was improved then we would get a believable movie.

Overall, “Varsity Blues” is a poor choice for a sports movie. Many critics panned this film when it first came out for its predictableness, and it shows. It’s a ridiculous movie that has aged quite a bit that I do not personally recommend to anyone unless they are interested in the game of football.

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