the movie is the last of the book series. of course part1 of the last book. the last book gives the details and adventures searching for the, horcruxes, magical objects that can conceal life. lord voldemort is waiting for attacking harry potter. harry potter is on his mission to track the real horcrux which was a fake locket in the last movie. his friends too join him and they set out with a plan. mad eye moody and rest of the order of phoenix has decided to escort harry to a safer place. mimicking his looks and sudden attack by the death eaters kills mad eye moody in the ensuing battle. harry says that he no longer is ready to make others die for him and so he sets off on his own. interrupted by his pal, ron weasley he agrees to stay. after a sudden warning and death eater attack at the marriage ceremony the trio dissapparate to london street. no where is safe and they indulge in more attacks. they see a better place is order of phoenix headquarters. there they find some clues regarding the real horcrux. then on wards the quest begins where friendship, agony, ego, false imaging begins. things are quite as the same as before. something unexpected happens at the end, and movie ends abruptly. yes the reason is that, it is just part 1. what is the screenplay for part one . according to me,   1.escorting harry to safer place  2. finding the real horcrux.  3. destroying the horcrux    4. returning safe. so the screenplay goes on, with all the 4 details displayed with perfection. but somewhere another thing gets fused here which is the deathly hallows. what is deathly hallows and what is their importance! . is the 5th and last part of the screenplay. the meaning and reason has been shown in a narrative and animation way. the tale of three brothers was good in explaining the deathly hallows. but sooner some betrayal, and sacrifice for sake of the life of the one is seen in the movie. screenplay was almost perfect. there were some instances and rather longer dialogs and slight boredom in first half, which was rather immediately removed by some serious scenes and action stuff. direction of the movie was near perfection. all the lead casts performed flawlessly. the scenes were taken perfectly. casting by daniel , emma and rupert were again good. their behaviour is changing movie by movie. in this movie they are completely mature. daniel radcliffe was the best in his role. emma watson was supportive and rather important in the story.  rupert grint plays an important role in the movie. ralph fiennes as lord voldermort has a cameo role for about 10 minutes in the movie. rest characters are good and suited well. dialogs were ok. no standard dialogs are seen. sometimes they kept the book as the reference copy.  editing was sharp in second half. though the first half lacked the proper editing for first 30 minutes. then onwards we get connected to the story. cinematography was beautiful and locales were perfectly captured. camera movement was good at crucial instances. example: the forest chase was awesome in which camera work was terrific. the background score was good and soothing at times. the action scenes were good enough. the last fight was a bit cliched. art work was also good at parts. so finally what we get here! some romance sequences, some serious fights and some chases and some emotional scenes accompanied with agony. so the movie is perfectly directed , emotionally satisfying and beautifully filmed part of the franchise. it is not over and since there is no end to the story, we have to wait for part two.