Set in a post apocalyptic world torn apart by wars between man and vampire, Priest stars Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, and Maggie Q. After the last war between man and vampire, Warrior Legend, Priest (Bettany), along with the soldiers who fought beside him have been sent to live among humans in the cities rules by the Church and under strict laws to obey. When word reaches Priest that his niece, Lucy, has been kidnapped by a gang of vampires, Priest goes against the church in a crusade to rescue Lucy. Joined by Priestess (Q) and Lucy’s Sheriff boyfriend, Hicks (Gigandet), they must reach Lucy before she is turned into a vampire.


Priest was a genre unlike any that I’ve ever seen before. The combination of a western, sci-fi, and thriller didn’t work for me. I felt that there was entirely too much confusion trying to combine these genres and create an effective story to follow as well. It was as if I was watching John Wayne fighting Blade on the set of Mad Max, I like strange but this movie was entirely too strange for me. However, I thought that the music score and direction was done well.

I did not have high hopes on the outcome of this movie as most movies starring Paul Bettany have not been Blockbuster hits. I don’t recommend seeing this one in the theater.


My verdict: 2 stars