Fall Down Dead

Fall Down Dead stars Dominique Swain (Travolta’s daughter in Face Off),David Carradine ( Kill Bill’s -Bill),Udo Kier vampire elder in Blade,Hallowen 2007 remake,and Grindhouse)Co stars are  Mehmet Gunsur,R Keith Harris,Monica Dean,Jennifer Alden and Ausin James.Directed by Jon Keeyes,who won the Grand Jury Prize for best feature film in 2006 with Mad Bad

One night during a blackout in large metropolitian city a killer named the Picasso begins to terrorise the streets.Chrissie Wallace (Swain)the first victim to survive the attacker runs to safety in an office block,where she meets the night security guard (Carradine)and warns him there is a killer on the loose and they call the police.After the police have arrived and four more people are discovered in the building,the Picasso Killer has already found his way into the building.Trying to find the one victim who can identify him,the seven strangers must do what ever they can in order to survive being the next victim of The Picasso Killer.

First things first,i really can’t understand why such a good actor such as David Carradine would do a film like this.The acting is laughable,with an even worse script.I found myself twitching in my chair thinking when will this end.I did however like the idea of the large office block as the setting  because they are lets face it, spooky if you are on your own(or being chased by someone trying to kill you even)I also found the killer (Kier) to be a good baddy,with his large eyes and wierd face,but just the way he kills his victims was just stupid.There was also the classic cliche in this film wth the main victim being attracted to the handsome cop( oh yes) and with everything that is going on around them you just think to your self,this is ridiculous, this just wouldn’t happen

I believe the best feature for this film was the music.The use of the strange noises building to the jumpy bits are used very well i haveto admit.I feel without the good use of creepy music this just would have been tragic.Director Keeyes does all he can with the poor script and the dissapponting performances by all.The storyline is too predictable for words with the here one minute,gone the next extras being killed off to the very poor ending.

In my overall opinion there isn’t much more i can say about this film.Its as bad as the title and worse.It contains all the cliche’s and more.You will probably find it hard to finish this as at some points you are almost shocked by what you are seeing.It does contain one or two jumpy scenes and have a good music background and really the star of this was the location seeting the scene.If you do wach this i warn you know look for something else as this film will not give you the satisfaction. 

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