When we pull out our wallets and the bills to purchase a ticket at the movies, the minimum expectation we have is for some decent entertaintment and an overall satisfying experience. Iron Man 2 was simply a WOW in entertaintment.Director, Writer & Actor Jon Favreau who gave us Iron Man 2 years ago has made a comeback. Jon Favreau has simply outdone himself. Iron Man has been outdone by him in hightech Tony Stark style in his new release Iron Man 2.Although as a director he has less than a handful of productions, he has been succesful to make them all matter. As a writer he aint that far behind either.”Couples Retreat” Written and Starred by Jon Favreau justifies it.Not too bad for a college drop out I would say!!Bringing a marvel comic to life and making it a hit has never been wearisome as far as I remember.Most movies that did bring such characters to life has always had outstanding box office sales and always have managed to top the sales at least for a fortnight. With the exception of the “Incredible Hulk”. Bigger the superhero; harder they fall! The Hulk took the movie down with itself I would say in 2008.However this reason does not for a splitsecond in my perspective take the credit the cast & the crew of Iron Man 2 deserve. NOT ONE BIT.Speaking of the Cast.. Tony Stark, THE Iron Man Sherlock Holmes and the Man… Robert Downey Jr. Roberts Charisma, Smile & his capacity of adapting to many characters with immaculate accuracy has provided him with many wide screen appeareances. The two time Oscar Nominee delivered a perfect 10 in the adaptation of the dickens Classic Sherlock Holmes only less than a year ago and once again , another perfect 10 with the delivery of Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. Robert Downey was always a success when he delivered characters in the genre of Heroes of the fictional mind and his deliveries have always been one that is of uniqueness to each of them. Many would say, each actor Delivers with uniqueness in each role. However I Disagree. If you have Watched Terminator Salvation, Avatar & Clash of the Titans, you would understand my angle. Sam Worthingtons delivery of the 3 lead characters in all productions was quite the same, his actions & reactions, his expression and body language and emotions was always the same in all 3 movies. Whereas the characters were entirely different. One a Robot from the future, One a differently abled man, and the other a demi god.If you have watched it all and you have watched closely you would pick up the trail I have left and would be able to see a undiminishing clarity in the 2 actors. Robert Downey Jr …… Deserves yet another standing ovation.Many a critic would also say – the Character of Tony Stark was very Bland and can be pulled through by many an actor. In my defense. Yes. I am sure many a talent in Hollywodd could. However Robert was casted and he pulled it through in the exact way it should have been.Ofcourse the movie cannot have been done by Robert alone. This is no victorian age Soliloquy. Gwenyth Paltrow,Don Cheadle,Sam Rockwell & Scarlet Johansson made the near perfect mix.Gwenyth & Cheadle are not two names that aint familiar to anyone of us. These stars have been around since the time Shakespeare fell in love, all the way till the crisis in Hotel Rwanda!! Great performances by both in this production, not mention the side kick that I never expected to see. Nice turn in plot by writer and director Favreau.There is a limit to what the talents of the cast can contribute to the success in any movie. One should never overlook the hard work and sleepless nights put in by the production designers and the graphic artists. The Iron Man Superhero I would say is the most complicated Superhero suit as of date that Hollywood have had to come up with.One would say it is the Hulk, but I would say the Iron Man Suit is THE Suit done in a long time and will be the Suit for a few more years to come. The suits in the movie adds to the nail biting excitement and the eye-popping intense and lively moment in the creation. The finnesse, the final touch, the accuracy of its movement and the sounds – they just personify the Suit and its Character to a whole new Dimension of Marvel.Saying all of this – I leave the rest to you. One mans Treasure can be another mans trash.Iron MaN 2 – Is a definite go green for the young adults and most certainely to all kids who love the Hero within its comic covers.Fantastical,Eye-popping,Pure Entertainment & Overwhelming in its Genre of Productions… A must watch movie :)I am just a regular movie buff and this is just how I saw the movie and how I felt about it – No more no less…..