Quite a different approach to an alien invasion. “World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles” has 2nd Lt Martinez and his platoon as the worlds last stand between complete annihilation and Alien domination. Lt Martinez (Ramon Rodriguez) , staff Sgt.Nantsz (Aaron Eckhart) and the team are air lifted into a location to extract trapped civilians with a dead line of 3 hours. Little were they aware that the invading aliens were well equipped with air support as well. This puts an uncalculated complication into the exit strategy. On this day will Lt Martinez and his team perish within alien territory or will their training in the Marines be adequate to battle an enemy they do not know any weakness of?

Hard core war sequences, just like the ones in “The Hurt Locker”. Very realistic battle sequences apart from the aliens of course. They had to be done via effects. Very believable blast shots. This makes the movie much more realistic than expected. Let’s consider the recent movies that had traces of aliens and human interaction. “War of the worlds”, “The day the earth stood still”, “Aliens vs. Predators” all had cinemax right through out and the realistic ratio vs the computer generated effects were never in a balance. This one is different. A good change after a long time!

Jonathan Leibasman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) achieved the much needed chaos without wasting anytime. The moment the suspected meteor show turned out to be something “mechanical that slows down just before hitting the water” the entire mood in the movie changes. Chaos in achieved immediately. If there was failure in creating and achieving this sense of total chaos “Battle Los Angeles” would have failed. The realism is, if the world is ever faced with an alien invasion the obvious would be the world at chaos.

Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez (TSgt. Elena Santos) two characters written with depth were magnificent and undoubtedly entertaining. Aarons character Sgt.Nantsz may even make an Oscar nomination at the 84th. Who knows? If it was up to me I would put some money on a nomination. Not on a win but yet a nomination for sure.

Unquestionably a must watch. Who expected “The Hurt Locker” to win the year it did win.

Title: World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

Directed by: Jonathan Leibasman

Starring: Aarom Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez,Ramon Rodriguez

Rated: PG-13 for sustained and intense sequences of war violence and destruction, and for language.

Rating: 06/10

116 Minutes