The sixth sense is thriller/horror rated movie. The Movie grasps your attention from the moment it starts until the very end with an extraordinary play on the viewer’s philosophy on the movie itself. The story line is what gives and makes this movie exceptional. The little hints given in the movie are very interesting although these hints to the end which foreshadow what is to come are rather too vague, making these certain hints more understandable would add to its climax and entertaining finish.

The movie is not very horrific and scary although it is the name that it has attained through the people towards the earlier days when the movie was first released, that this movie is scary and very horrific. The sixth sense does include some paranormal activity in it although it seems to converge science with the extraordinary. It also consists of romance which I thought played a huge role in the movie itself and also added value to the movie and the incredible end.

There could have been an increase in the horrific side of the movie by adding some thrilling scenes although this would spoil the movies intentions of making it as realistic as possible. This movie is one of the most realistic horror rated movies I have ever seen. Sound plays a major role in the movie also therefore to enjoy the movie to its fullest, good sound system should be applied. The visual effects are not that bad although there are some scenes in which the dead looked rather animated or doll like.

The actors in the movie played increadible especially Cole played by Haley Joel Osment who is the little boy who can see dead people. The boy acted very well and seemed to be into the movie. He made it possible for some special people like him to relate to the character, people for example me. The doctor Malcolm played by Bruce Willis had a very tough role to play I must say as it consisted of a romantic, thrillerful and serious role which could be very hard to achieve at great levels alike to the achievements of the movie.

Both the protagonists played increadibly well, and warm hand for the entire cast except for Jeffery Zubernis who acts as Bobby in the movie. Although he had a small role to play he was rather not into it or did not have the right acting experience. To me he spoilt the sixth sense a bit although for people who are very analytical will realize his lack of acting experience.

Over all the movie is fantastic and psychological very effective. For those who want to watch the movie, be ready for a lot of psychological game plays after finishing the movie and you will not be disappointed with this movie. I recommend the movie highly to all those horror fans and those who like movies alike “The Illusionist” and “The Prestige”. I say this could be called as the horror version of those movies and vice versa.