Director Zack Snyder created a world where young girls can dive into an alternate reality and have the power to kick some serious ass. When Baby Doll, Emily Browning, is put into an insane asylum by her abusive, controlling step father that is ordering her to get a lobotomy, she uses her mind to escape from this tragic world and creates a reality where she visualizes a plan that will help her and her friends escape. Unfortunately, she only has a few short days and escaping is quite impossible especially when Blue Jones, Oscar Isaac, is not just keeping the girls inside a mental hospital, it’s also a disgusting brothel. Can Baby Doll and friends escape or will she be a victim of a lobotomy living in a brothel/mental institute where disgusting men control young innocent girls?

I saw this movie the day it came out, and I’ve tried to write this review a number of times but just couldn’t muster up the words to describe it. The story line was intriguing, but brutal. The film starts out with an intense scene of Baby Doll accidentally killing her sister right after they watch their mother die. Her scary abusive stepfather forces her to this mental hospital which is also a brothel. Watching young innocent girls be controlled by filthy older men is hard to watch. But, Snyder made it interesting by having these core 5 girls be fearless, uncontrollable, strong and relentless. Baby Doll, portrayed by Emily Browning is seen fighting enormous creatures with swords and tumbling through the snow as if she has been trained all her life. Sweet Pea, portrayed by Abbie Cornish, is only in the institution because her sister Rocket, played by Jena Malone, ran away from home and was captured here; Sweet Pea followed her and has to care for her. Blondie, Vanessa Hudgens and Amber, Jamie Chung will do anything to escape this horrible brothel prison. All five girls are fighting in the alternate reality with guns and their strength. I love how it’s these beautiful young girls with their hair and makeup completely done and they all are kicking butt!


The shots in this film are beautiful. I love Snyder’s style. He tells even the ugliest stories, beautifully. He has his slow motion action shots and the gritty colors that convey the entire tone for the film.  

I enjoyed this film up until the ending. I guess because I didn’t completely understand it. I think Snyder complicated the ending to make it more unique but it hurt the film and the ratings. I highly recommend seeing this film to anyone who enjoys Zack Snyder’s directing style and young girls that can fight like characters in a video game, otherwise wait for the DVD. For more of my reviews check out!!!