I AM NUMBER FOUR- Movie Review

I am Number Four- Movie Review


            Inspired by the novel of Pittacus Lore, I am Number Four made its way into the big screen. With the direction of D.J. Caruso, this 1 hour and 44 minute film stars hot teen Alex Pettyfer as Number 4, Timothy Olyphant as Henry, Diana Argon (Glee) and the Australian beauty Teresa Palmer as Number 6. This Sci-Fi motion picture jam packed with suspense, action and bit of teenage love is filmed mostly in the small town of Ohio. 

            This movie is about a hot teenager (Four) with a secret that is only known by a few. He is an alien from the planet Mogador; he is one of those who survived the attack from the invasion of their planet. They were nine of them but one, two and three are dead… now he is going to be killed next. Four (Alex Pettyfer) kept a low profile from the society along with his protector Henry for fear of being found by the invaders and getting killed eventually. They hide from place to place until they hit Ohio. In there, Four named himself John Smith and acted like a normal schoolboy who goes to school and make friends, that’s where Sarah (Diana Argon) came to sight. As Four stays longer in the place, so is him finding love in Sarah’s persona. But trouble never let go of Four when Henry was kidnapped by the invaders. Four came into finding Henry with Sam, a boy from his school who spent his childhood looking for aliens along with his father, locating Henry was an easy task for the two but with turn of events the saving Henry turned into saving their lives scenario. With the invaders after them and the town police off the hook into getting them into prison for thinking that Four and Henry were terrorists, Four along with the others needed to find their way out. In due course, the chasing ended up in Paradise High school. They were trapped inside the building and when every hope seem to fade, Six (Teresa Palmer) came to sight. The both of them fought side-to-side defeating the alien invaders.

            The film started with action via suspense giving you the idea that indeed the movie will be fast-paced and will be very derivative. The movie will make your expectations true though on some points. Battle scenes in this movie are actually quite in good quality but then the close-up shots are a bit choppy, also since it’s basically sci-fi, the action scenes are showed in special effects thus no physical contact is made. Since it is based on a novel then we cannot expect for the plot to be really original and unique, the storyline is simple and adding up a teenage love was a really big help for the whole thing to pick-up. The high school cliché was in my opinion copied from the Twilight movie, where the lead actor who’s not just a normal boy falls in love with a typical girl. And as much as the cliché was inspired from the movie mentioned a while ago, so is the thought that this too would have a second part.

            As it turned out, the movie was not the one that I have expected. It did not give me that chill or excitement. It was not a total disappointment though partly because Alex Pettyfer and Diana Argon were in it and also role played by Six and Teresa Palmer so fitted in perfectly. This may not be the best sci-fi movie there is but Alex showed his versatility really well. Gone is the British accent in the air!

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