In 1940, Hollywood made a movie called “The Philadelphia Story” that was a romantic comedy and became a huge success. Nearly 16 years later in 1956, Hollywood remade “The Philadelphia Story” as a musical entitled “High Society”. What we get here is a remarkable with some catchy songs, and a fun experience. With a cast including Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly (in her final film before she married the prince of Monaco), and Frank Sinatra deliver good performances in this romantic musical comedy. The movie does feel a bit slow at certain moments and the story is predictable, “High Society” is not a bad film. It’s a movie that will keep you humming its tunes for the next several days.

The plot of the movie has C. K. Dexter-Haven (Crosby) inviting him to his ex-wife’s wedding on the eve of a jazz festival that he is sponsoring. His ex-wife, Tracy Samantha Lord (Kelly), is in love with someone else, yet secretly still has feelings for Dexter. Meanwhile, a photographer (Celeste Holm) and a journalist (Sinatra) from a local magazine publication arrive to report on the wedding in order for a very important article about Tracy’s father to not be published. Tracy is confused as to whether or not to marry her new husband, or fall in love again with Dexter.

“High Society” is a fun movie to watch. The cast is chosen well and the direction is not too shabby. But where this movie really shines is in the music department. Cole Porter, who wrote the songs for the film, did a fine job at creating musical numbers that everyone will enjoy. From selections with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, to a charming duet between Sinatra and Holm, the songs are catchy and memorable. Yet the film still has some minor problems.

The movie does move at a slow pace. It does drag on a bit in-between musical numbers, and the entire production could have felt better had it been cut down a few minutes. Another problem with the movie is that the story is very predictable. We’ve seen this situation done before. A woman can not decide with whom she can settle down with, and in the end she chooses for the right man.

Overall, “High Society” may be a remake of “The Philadelphia Story” it stands on its own credit. Even though it does have some problems, they could have been easily fixed. It’s a good musical that I think everyone will enjoy.