Heavy Metal

“Heavy Metal” features the voices of John Candy, Eugene Levy, Joe Flaherty, Harvey Atkin, and many more. It’s directed by Gerald Potterton and features a total of six dark and erotic short stories told by a glowing sphere brought to earth by an astronaut.

The first story is called “Harry Canyon”. This story centers on a taxi cab driver in futuristic New York who picks up a sexy woman being chased by thugs that desire the Loc-Nar that this damsel in distress is carrying. The second story is called “The Den”. It’s about a nerdy eighteen year old boy who finds a green meteorite in his back yard that teleports him to a land where he is now buff and is desired by woman. The third is “Captain Sternn”. The title character stands accused in a trial that the mysterious Loc-Nar throws into a bizarre chase scene. The forth is called “B-17”. It involves a bomber plane that gets hit and most of the crew dies, only to be resurrected by the Loc-Nar into zombies. The fifth is “So Beautiful, So Dangerous”. This one involves stoned aliens and a horny robot that abduct a human. The last story is called “Taarna”, where a woman named Taarna is the only person left to destroy people turned murderous savages by the Loc-Nar.

Wow. This was an awesome animated thrill-ride filled with gore, action, and great music. “Heavy Metal” is a cult classic that will marinate in the minds of those who watch it. The animation lives up to the comic feel that the animators were trying to grasp. I can now see where cartoonist Bill Plympton (I Married A Strange Person) got his inspiration from. Featuring music by Black Sabbath, Sammy Hagar, Blue Oyster Cult and many other rock bands, this is one of the most bizarre and artistic animated movies I have come across in my many years of watching films.

The sound was spectacular. It is probably the most remarkable achievements in the film. I enjoyed “So Beautiful, So Dangerous” the most out of all six of the seductive stories told by the Loc-Nar. In the end, you might find yourself wondering what the whole thing was about. Hopefully, this is what the creators were trying to do. A mind-blowing movie experience that was surprisingly coherent until the end. A very engaging and, at times, jaw-dropping sci/fi cult classic that will disgust many, while others will be delightfully entertained.

By all means, take the time to see this fantasy that has been hailed as “Controversial Material”. You will be either appalled by the many acts of rape, gore, and drug use, or you will be having one hell of a time. For me, this is guilty pleasure. I was amazed that I was actually understanding what was going on. A wildly amusing film that does wonders with the mind and tickles the funny bone. Love it or hate it, you can’t help but admire a few things: First-rate animation, astonishing sound, great music, and an imagination one can’t duplicate.

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  1. I remember seeing HEAVY METAL during it’s original theatrical run and being blown away by it. Viewers today who are used to anime and CGI may look at this movie and wonder what the big deal was but when it first hit the movie screens, HEAVY METAL was considered cutting edge and daring.

    I really would like to see HEAVY METAL remade with current animation techniques (and in a way, “Harry Canyon” has already been remade as “The Fifth Element”) Good review of a forgotten classic.

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