Pineapple Express is a comedy/action/adventure film starring Sth Rogen (Dale Denton), James Franco (Saul), Danny McBride (Red), and Rosie Perez, who plays a crocked cop. The movie starts off in 1937, in an underground military test lab, where they were diagnosing how an individual reacts to marijuana and how it affects them.

Dale Denton, played by Seth Rogen, is a process server that dates a high school senior, that rides around in his car listening to talk radio, and smoking marijuana. Before going to serve his next subpoena, Dale stops to get some more marijuana from this drug dealer name Saul. Dale parks outside of Ted Jones’ (Gary Cole) house and takes a hit of the Pineapple Express. As Dale was about to get out he car, he witnesses a man being murdered by a lady cop and Ted Jones. He makes a fast get away but, not without hitting the two cars he was parked in between and dropping the rest of the joint he was smoking out the window. Dale goes back to Saul’s apartment, to tell him what he just witnessed outside of Ted Jones’ house. It’s then verified that Saul is the only dealer that sells Pineapple Express, so now both of them have to find somewhere to go before the killer tracks them down from what was left of the joint. Ted Jones, whom is the main marijuana dealer and the cop finds the joint on the ground and calls for his two henchmen to track down the person that dropped the joint and that’s where the adventure begins for Dale and Saul.

The film overall was hilariously funny and a must see for those that are in the mood for constant laughing.