Inception-Running Time- 2hr 28 minutes (but double that because you’ll need to see it again to calm your brain down from overloading)Tomatometer- Critics 86% Audiences- 93% This is definitely the people’s choice for best movieStarring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Dileep Rao, Tom Berenger, and Michael CaineDirected by the one and only Christopher Nolan4 Golden Globe Nominations including Best Picture (Drama), Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Original Score (didn’t win anything)Nominated for 8 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects(big uproar about missing out Nolan as Best Director, also questioned about the missing actor nom for Leo)What about this idea- Inception for Best Picture? Any online poll that allows “the people” to choose the winner, Inception is leading the way… typically by a lot. It’s a popcorn movie with an incredible story with enough twists, turns and “what the?” moments that it’s totally mesmerizing. Nolan crafts a story that makes just enough sense along the way to keep the viewers totally lost, yet totally engaged. It’s brilliant. I’m not sure about Oscar, but Inception is definitely in my top 3 for personal best pictures for 2010. It intrigued audiences like no other film this entire year, possibly this entire decade.The question about whether or not we can control dreams has always been an intriguing one- but what about if we could control other people’s dreams, even plant ideas so deep in their subconscious that they think they came up with the idea themselves? This is the main premise to Inception- we follow Cobb (Leo DiCaprio) and his crew of ‘specialized spys’ as they work on pulling and placing information in someone’s dream. The question of what is reality and what is fake is always up for debate, not only for the audience at home, but the characters on the screen. You need to watch it to get it.The cast is fantastic- everyone of them. Every actor plays to the top of their spy game with commitment, experience and talent. They seem to know that they’re part of a special movie as it shows with the professionalism that the treat each moment with (maybe Nolan planted that idea in their minds?). I appreciated Ellen Page’s smarts and innocence as it balanced well off of the action, anger and confusion. Leo’s Cobb is the central character who seems to have the best grip on the dream, but his drive to reconnect with his wife and children at times might cloud his vision. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has finally graduated from 3rd Rock into a more serious and respected action hero as the wingman.On top of the layered story and the focused actors, complimenting special effects including collapsing buildings, streets that roll upwards, rotating spaces, and an intensely simple yet haunting score pull this mess together like a perfect masterpiece. Space, time, thought and reality are juggled for the full running time. I didn’t find Inception weird or lucid, which is something that is highly criticized. “There are too many rules, too much logic”— but that’s why I loved it. It actually made sense that something this crazy could be possible. It wasn’t just a typical dream movie with a lot of odd visuals and delusions, but instead we are forced to consider “is this actually reality?”.At the end, it was inevitable to talk about the movie and what it means- definitely a thinker and a provoker (you see the trend- I like when movies cause a reaction). It wasn’t just the ‘what did you make of the ending?’ conversation but the moral compass in the movie- The question of control and power is right centre. What if we could control thoughts, our own or other people’s? What would we do with it? What if it already is happening? Do we even have our ‘own thoughts’? Power attracts people and I think this is a huge pull to this film.The challenge with this sort of movie and Oscars is… well… Oscar is a bit traditional. A bit straight forward if you will, he doesn’t like to be confused, especially by a blockbuster. What’s running against Inception is that it had great effects, was released as a ‘summer movie’ and isn’t based on any sort of fact. It might come off as an action or spy movie, but it’s really a film for anyone who can trust in confusion and comes alive from thinking. It questions the base concept of what is an “original idea”. I’m sure it will win some of the Oscars it’s up for, and I fully believe it had a fantastic original screenplay… but I don’t think Oscar would consider awarding Inception with the Best Picture statue. Who knows, we may all be surprised; maybe someone will pull ‘inception’ on Oscar.