To watch a film once is to enjoy it. Take in the story and the main effects. When you walk into a theater and sit to watch a 2 hour long flick, or rent a DVD to enjoy with a few friends, you are always expecting to get your moneys worth. As we all know nothing in this world comes for free.  Yet in the case of some movies their should be a law stating satisfaction guaranteed or money back, seeing as how the majority of us must spend anywhere from 6 to 10 dollars on 2 hours worth of entertainment. As there is no such law as precedented yet, let me be the first to save you some hard earned cash. If you are looking for a movie that has a well thought out plot, entertainment value worth your money, and an all round memorable experience SEEK elsewhere. The Seeker is based on a novel, that i must admit i have not had the pleasure of reading. Yet one can only assume that if it was good enough to be noticed by the public, and famous enough to intrigue the great producers of Hollywood; than one can only wonder what happened between the creative process from novel to screenplay to the hour and a half of foggy drivel flickering on the screen before me.The young Alexander Ludwig plays our preteen hero Will Stanton.  Set in England, in a gloomy little town, this movie is as bland as it’s setting. Alexander’s over all acting was well done, he actually help bring the movie up at times. The problems withthis movie have very little to do with the acting and everything to do with the writing and overall set-up of the movie. Brad and Angie couldn’t have pulled this one off. Lost societies, deviling demons, black magic, and jumping through time and space at some very unusual points, is about the only captivating effect on screen. but don’t worry it wares off soon enough.