Prank calling unsuspecting people is always fun. That is until people start dying. Dead Tone shows why it’s not always a good idea to disturb people at home with pretend phone calls.

The film begins with a group of young children enjoying a sleep over. In order to entertain themselves, they begin prank calling people while all of their parents are down the hall partying. Without warning, one of the victims of their prank bursts into their home and slaughters all of the moms and dads. The story then fast forwards to them during their college years. They all attend a party where, guess what, they choose to resume their fun pastime, it now being called “75”. The caller must maintain a prank call for at least 75 seconds. Everything is all fun and games until they call the wrong person. Then it’s a battle for survival and escape from an axe wielding psycho killer.

Directed by Brian Hooks and Deon Taylor, this film really follows the script when it comes to teens running for their lives. The classic recipe of beginning with several young people mixed in with a secluded location to have a bitchin’ party and then seasoned with an unknown, deranged murderer. Simmer for about an hour and a half and this teen scream is the product.

The plotline was actually mildly enjoyable. This is the sort of film where you look forward to yelling at the not-so-smart victims running around the screen. Throw in some of the startling and brutal but hard to believe ways that many of the characters are killed and you can’t help but find it amusing in some ways. At one point during the party scene, I literally asked myself who still makes prank calls? Especially when there’s a party filled with nothing but hot, drunk girls. I give Dead Tone “3 grisly murders by an axe murderer due to stupid prank phone calls out of 5”.

“Why aren’t we partying? Hit the music, white boy!”