Complete strangers find themselves trapped in an elevator due to a neighborhood blackout.  Each one of them desperately needing to be somewhere else at the very time they become entombed with each other.  As the minutes turn into hours and frustration turns into being terrified, they slowly learn more and more about each other.  Including the fact that one of them is keeping a secret; that they are a serial killer.


            I know what you’re thinking, “ok, this sounds just like M. Night’s Devil that came out last month”.  I thought the same thing, in fact that was one of the main aspects that lured my attention.  The outcome is that, yes, it is similar but I may remind you that this film was released in 2007.  So if anyone is actually playing copycat, it would be the newest project.  But there are differences; the obvious number of people trapped on the elevator, their reasons for wanting to rid themselves of the transport their sharing and there’s nothing supernatural about this one. 

            Beginning with potential, the story written by Ed Dougherty fizzles towards the end. It drags a little and yes, it won’t be hard to guess who the serial killer is.  M. Night made it reasonably difficult to decipher who the culprit was in his film.  Nevertheless, I recommend checking it out if you like “guessing the killer” plotlines.  Amber Tamblyn, Aidan Gillen and Armie Hammer star in this thriller directed by Rigoberto Castaneda.  I give it “2.5 stuck elevators out of 5”.

“I have to get out of here before my daughter gets home”