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Movies That Should Have Won Best Picture

This is a list of movies that should have won the Academy Award, or any other high end award, for that matter, for Best Picture. Whoever may disagree, please voice your opinion on the comments section.

Winner: The Hurt Locker
Should Have Won: Moon

Winner: Slumdog Millionaire
Should Have Won: The Wrestler

Winner: No Country for Old Men
Should Have Won: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Winner: Chicago
Should Have Won: TIE
>One Hour Photo
>Gangs of New York

Winner: A Beautiful Mind
Should Have Won: Vanilla Sky

Winner: Gladiator
Should Have Won: Requiem For a Dream

Winner: Shakespeare in Love
Should Have Won: TIE
>Dark City
>Saving Private Ryan
>The Big Lebowski

Winner: Titanic
Should Have Won: As Good as It Gets

Winner: The English Patient
Should Have Won: TIE
>Hard Eight

Winner: Driving Miss Daisy
Should Have Won: TIE
>Last Exit to Brooklyn
>Sex, lies, and videotape

Winner: The Last Emperor
Should Have Won: The Untouchables

Winner: Out of Africa
Should Have Won: Back to the Future

8 thoughts on “Movies That Should Have Won Best Picture”

  1. Some very good choices I must say. Moon last year was an excellent film but Let the Right One in was the best movie last year foreign or otherwise. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was one of the most undervalued films of the last few years and one of Brad Pitt’s best performances. Fargo is a great shout for 1996 but The Big Lebowski and Saving Private Ryan are very overrated and The Untouchables is fun but never as good as the Last Emperor.

  2. Should have Won:

    2009: Inglorious Basterds
    2008: Slumdog Millionaire (yes, I like it, sue me)
    2007: There Will Be Blood
    2006: United 93
    2005: Crash (deserved win)
    2004: Nothing in the Oscar template this year so I’ll go with The Incredibles
    2003: Lost in Translation
    2002: Adaptation
    2001: nothing
    2000: Memento
    1999: Fight Club
    1998: Rushmore

  3. Charlie: I loved Slumdog, man, I just thought that the Wrestler was better. Inglourious was great, excluding your 2006 choice, I think you have some good picks.
    M R Conn: I couldn’t really get into the Last Emperor, so I guess I just saw some De Palma eye candy and shoved it up there. Agreed with everything else you said, even the films for being overrated. The thing about it is, though, that Saving Private Ryan and The Big Lebowski were overrated because they WERE that good. The first time I saw Saving Private Ryan, I was so moved by the movie, and the first time I saw The Big Lebowski, I cried laughing. I think that they are both legit in rating. Some people go overboard with them, hell, that happens for most movies, but I think they are both modern classics that deserved the Oscars for standing the test of time.

  4. Personally I couldnt really get into Saving Private Ryan. For me Spielburg always does pop corn movies better than he does ‘serious’ films. Give me Raiders of the Lost Arc over Schindler’s List any day. Not sure about best picture (though i liked it very much) but Mickey Rourke was absolutely robbed by Sean Penn for best actor.

  5. Completely agreed on both accounts. I think that Spielberg, though his angles and filming are equally amazing, is an overrated director. I think that his only good movies, aside from Saving Private Ryan, The first two hours of Schindler’s List, and Duel, because of its authenticity and basis from the Richard Mattheson novel, was the first three Indiana Jones movies. Crystal Skull raped all possible respect from the series after that.

  6. I liked Duel too and your right about Crystal Skull a film more even than Jurassic Park III which tried to destroy my childhood.

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