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Season Of The Witch (2011)

When the plague is killing hundreds in cities across the land in the 14th century and the culprit is believed to be a witch disguised as a young girl who better to transport her to a monastery to decide her fate than Nicolas Cage.  Ron Perlman plays his holy war comrade and together with some help they make their way along a supposed dangerous land with some help from a priest, a knight, a swindler, and a young man who pledges his help.  The only problem with the plot that held such promise is the lack of excitement and action to keep your attention until the anticlimactic end.

Behmen (Nicolas Cage) is accompanied by his faithful friend Felson (Ron Pearlman) whom after deserting a holy war find themselves volunteering to transport a suspected witch (Claire Foy) along with a few others for help.  Through the voyage they find themselves plagued by bad luck as well as strange occurrences that begin to make Behmen question whether or not The Girl he believes to be an innocent is or not.

The casting was done quite well, The Girl played by newcomer Claire Foy played her role quite well.  I was a bit confused however that Nicolas cage was the only one really pretending to have an accent and even sometimes he slipped.  Ron Perlman played his role beautifully he was probably the only character that I believed had the capacity  of carying the film onward.  Nicolas Cage was quite good in this film i will admit. I have seen films which I thought he was terrible (Ghost Rider) but I rather enjoyed him in this one.

The film was quite an overall disappointment.  It had me for about twenty minutes in the beginning but then during their voyage to the monastery I expected them to be attacked left and right by demons or some sort of creatures in the dark forest, however I was disappointed with a rickety bridge and some wolves.  I don’t know why they decided to do this to the storyline but it was a terrible mistake.  Especially since all the cool action they showed in the trailers happens in the last ten minutes of the film.  Not to mention my biggest pet peeve is ending what could have been a great movie that could have continued with a story in just an hour and a half.

When I saw this film I had high hopes from the start but making my way through it let me down.  Then the end came and I came back around and was slapped back into reality when it ended.  I felt cheated when I saw this movie and anyone else should too.  A movie with such potential ruined again. Big surprise.  Anyone wanting to see this in theaters, save your money and if you still really want to see it rent it. Do Not Buy! Not worth seeing again a second time.   Next time make it more exciting instead of spending fifteen minutes of footage on crossing a rickety bridge Dominic Sena (Director) and Bragi Schut (Writer) you could have added more supernatural events and beings to keep me interested.

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