Get Him to the Greek  (109 min)

This movie is funny. Not necessarily hilarious, but funny. Jonah Hill and Russell Brand star in this comedy about a man (Aaron Green) who is an intern in the music business and a rock star and how their lives suddenly collide. Green’s recent job is to transport this rock star, Aldous Snow, from his home in Britain to LA to perform a concert. This job turns out to be a wild adventure of new experiences for Green as Aldous introduces him to the life of a rock star. This involves the typical rock star wild and crazy parties where one or both of them (usually both) end up really, really intoxicated. This leads to many funny and entertaining situations. Through all this, though, the two develop a friendship that becomes the focal point of the film. This film almost serves as a precedent or a continuation of the comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, having the same character, Aldous Snow. This movie focuses more on his life and career. Although “Get Him to The Greek” was not as funny as “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, it still got the job done on the humor factor as well as the emotional side. The two actors also make for a great blend which really makes the movie. “Get Him to The Greek” is rated R for strong sexual content and drug use throughout, and pervasive language.