Lottery Ticket

Starring: Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, Naturi Naughtan, Ice Cube

Directed by: Erik White

Runtime: 99 min


There are various types of human fates: there is the rich kid who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is spoiled to infinity, whose life has been nothing but parties and arguments over what type of car should he go to school with; there is also the hard-working type where a human is born in the middle classes, where he or she should fight for the right to be strong and powerful, where they really have the possibility to reach fame and fortune, if not for themselves at least for their children; there is also the third fate – the one of the person who cannot jump to the ultra-rich, the one who can never think about anything but money, because there is nothing that cannot be bought even relationships nowadays. So… since in theory there is no way for the third type to reach the first, how do you think one will feel if a sudden happiness appears in their lives, making them the richest person in possibly the entire world?

Bowwow plays Kevin Carson, a very young and very unfortunate man who lives with his grandmother in a ghetto near a big metropolitan city. He has many problems including lack of money for food, dreamed shoes and possible college, there are also the problems with his job, from which he is fired due to a flaw in his plan to outsmart the ghetto’s bully. The young rapper takes on the route which was created long ago (1995) by none other than Ice Cube himself, where a silly comedy makes a rapper an acting star. Unfortunately, there are doubts if Lottery ticket would make Bowwow more famous than he already is; however, there is also the possibility that it will open new doors for the boy.

The story centers on Kevin and his best friend Benny (Brandon T Jackson) together with a single lottery ticket which bears the burden of $370 millions. Having the ticket without the possibility to cash it in for several days can prove to be something much more serious than actually owning the money is what the conclusion of this comedy is. There are fights among fellow friends, friendships being ruined and recovered, the everlasting war with the kings of the ‘hood and also, the love triangle between the best girlfriend of Kevin, him and the local slut who is of course his main aim for her lusty looks and history of celebrity boyfriends.

On a more serious note, Lottery Ticket is a movie which seems like a normal ‘gangsta’ comedy with a bit of a serious line among the goofing and jokes. However, at most of the times, a person who is not keen and/or familiar with the genre will definitely wonder what the hell is going on and if this is supposed to be a comedy or a drama. The reason for this insecurity is that the problems touched by the plot are serious and important enough for the viewer to be reluctant to accept that they are being laughed at. Poverty, bullying and prostitution are not matters which should be taken lightly and by doing it Lottery Ticket’s writers actually raise a few questions over their own brain capabilities.

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