Robin Hood

Robin Hood (140 min)

Robin Hood, a giddy, fun loving, and humorous young skilled archer in green tights wearing a green hat leading his merry me on many exciting adventures that involve saving damsels in distress. This Is the Robin Hood you may have come to know and love, but let me assure you that this movie does not portray him in this way. Russel Crowe portrays Robin Hood in a much darker way, while still leading his merry men on adventures, instead of saving damsels they are battling kingdoms and kings for their freedom against corruption to hopefully balance world power. As for  the damsel, Maid Marian played by the great Cate Blanchett, who is really not in any distress as she is portrayed to be able to handle herself quite capably. In this movie Robin Hood is violent, fierce and none too giddy but does this make the recent adaption of the Robin Hood movie a bad movie? I don’t think so. The movie has good action and good acting with an explosive ending that you won’t forget. It is just a different take, a take that I can take for the most part. “Robin Hood” is rated PG 13 for violence including intense scenes of warfare, and some sexual content.

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