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One Hour Photo: Robin Williams’ Finest Hour

I have seen many scary, tension-derived movies in my time, but by far (though I have yet to see Black Swan), the most thrilling, scary and generally disturbing movie I have ever seen is One Hour Photo. The movie is written and directed by Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go), who through amazing filming techniques and obvious hard work, as shown in the movie, produced one of the most underrated masterpieces in the history of film.

The story is simple. There is a lonely one-hour-photo worker named Sy Parrish (Robin Williams, in a role that should have given him best actor) has been the photo guy for a family, the Yorkins, since their 9 year old child Jake was a baby. Sy wants to connect with the family and make a group of people that he can see relatively frequently his friends. A no-harm-done story, right? Wrong. The movie picks up when Sy not only wants to be LIKE family, but he wants to be “Uncle” Sy to Jake and to the whole family. His loneliness brings him into complete madness and sickness that convolutes (If I can use this word in this tense) his every fiber. When he finds an adulterous picture, Sy doesn’t know what to do, and begins to breakdown and incidentally remove himself from all normality left in his life.

The best aspects of this film are the acting, plot, writing, directing, camera angles and shot choices and the cinematography. The film was perfect, if I may say so.

Bottom Line: A+. If you haven’t seen a good, scary thriller movie, and want another Shining, except much scarier and much more disturbing, One Hour Photo is what to see.

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