Thirteen Ghosts

This is a horror movie that stars American Pie’s Shannon Elizabeth and Monk’s Tony Shalhoub (or if you prefer Men In Black’s).  It’s rated R mostly for gore/violence and nudity. 

 Basically this movie is about a family, who are in dire circumstances since the mother dies in a house fire, and get a stroke of good luck.  The Uncle that they never knew left them an amazing house.  The secret to this house is that it is a porthole, actually it is a key to release great evil and power.

I liked this movie because the plot was an original.  I have watched a lot of horror movies and have yet to see another one where the ghosts are trapped or kept imprisoned, for the purpose of helping a man get more power.  The makeup is a little gory and the storylines of each ghost has been developed a little, but not quite enough for my mind.  I wanted a little background on some of them since almost all of them seemed to have evil intentions. 

My main problem with this movie was the ending.  I felt it dropped a little off of the deep end with the end and I was a little dissapointed in one of the characters since they seemed so strong and yet they ended up dying so stupidly, and no it it not the character played by Matthew Lillard (of Scooby Doo Fame). 

This movie does not really follow the original Thirteen Ghosts movie, and has enough of a twist  and enough gore and violence for today’s audience.  I am fascinated by the idea of the ghosts and don’t really care much about the characters in this movie, which may say they aren’t that interesting.  They are, but the ghosts are a little more so. 

 If you like gory movies and like seeing the brests of dead women, I suggest this movie.  If you want to be scared and watch a lot of horror, don’t see this movie, it wasn’t really that scary.  At least not to me.  If you want a scary movie watch Session 9.  That movie creeped me out.

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