‘The Social Network’ stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake and is directed by David Fincher. The film focuses on how and who started the social network website, Facebook.

This movie was quite interesting. I’ve had Facebook since 2005 when it first began, back when only people who attended colleges were allowed to be a part of this network and I never knew this entire story behind it. I never knew anyone else had a part of Facebook other than Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg(played by Eisenberg) basically stole the idea of facebook from other Harvard students. Who knew?

The acting in this film, was awesome. Jesse Eisenberg was awesome, he portrayed Zuckerberg as an arrogant nerd who is pretty much nothing but a jerk with no friends. He puts everyone down so he can feel better about himself, he was a nerd that you don’t feel sorry for until the end of the film but after you learn he is an accidental billionaire I don’t think anyone really feels sorry for this guy. Andrew Garfield portrays Eduardo Savarin, who is the co-founder of Facebook. He is this level-headed, naive, and vulnerable guy who gets screwed through the process of putting Facebook together. Garfield was incredible. He was my favorite character in this film, I thought he did a wonderful job. His emotions were always at the surface and he committed wholeheartedly to this character, the audience feels very sorry for him , I was rooting for him the whole time. Justin Timberlake portrays Sean Parker, aka the creator of Napster, the place where people used to rely on for free music downloads. I hated Timberlake’s character. He was annoying, troublesome and always in Mark and Eduardo’s business. I thought it was pretty ironic though that Timberlake who is an incredibly talented performer, some would say a triple threat because he can sing, dance and act insanely well, and he portrays this guy who for a time was a threat to people in the music industry because he created an outlet for people to get music right on their computers instead of going out and buying it.

The storyline was great, I felt like I was let in on a huge secret watching this film. I loved watching how and why he deleted the ‘the’ in ‘the facebook’ (what it was originally called) or the way he came up with the relationship status on facebook. I also enjoyed the way this story was told. Fincher did a great job, he shot everything throughout the whole court process where it seemed as though the characters were telling the story in front of the lawyers instead of having that entire scene be shown at the end. I thought it was clever and pleasing to witness.

I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys movies about college, computer information, and a great story with amazing actors. Go see ‘The Social Network’ and let me know what you think! Also check out more of my reviews, news and more at www.diaryofamoviefan.blogspot.com!