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I like all genres of movies regardless of creed or color (director or genre, rather). I even like chick flicks (at times), and I think that the genre is the only to keep the same amount of Hollywood attention that it has always had (meaning, it has been a popular genre forever). A good romance story is normally one of the most gripping of movies… but the chick flick is a separate genre in itself. Modern romances are normally teenie-bopper twelve year olds (normally Robert Pattinson and Miley Cyrus, or someone of THAT momentous importance in Hollywood (sarcasm)) that truly love each other and then randomly one of them dies or is sent off to a war or has a disease that makes them crippled or gets hit the hell out of by a car, which makes her either look like a bitch (if she leaves) or a “great woman” (for staying with him). In all honesty, I would leave, but that is just me. So, here are my picks for the top 5 chick flicks ever…

But first, here is the definition of a “chick flick” – a film that is made to appeal to the general female audience. They are heavy with emotion and may contain relationship-based themes.


5. P.S. I Love You (2007)

4. Never Been Kissed (1999)

3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

2. What Dreams May Come (1998)

1. Remember Me (2010) – The reason?: The movie actually had a plot, good acting, suspense, a great story and was generally good. One of the only ones to do that.

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Chick Flicks”

  1. ps. i love you! how did you get through that alive?! lol, that movie just made me cry the whole way through, good film but is only a one time viewing for me, because i can’t not cry in films like that lol, Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler were awesome together. Never Been Kissed is definitely one of my favorites, best line :’I’m not Josie Grossie anymore!’ ahaha and Remember Me was so underrated! I loooooooved that film, I didn’t even consider it a romantic comedy, but I can see where it could be. Great list! you got good taste ;^)

  2. I do not watch chick flicks and i probably never would even think about a list about chick flicks. The only thing i know is what people/women tell me about them. But I have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding (mostly because I am Greek). Not to say that it is a bad movie ( its not, its actually entertaining) but does it really qualify for this list, is it really a chick flick. I consider it more of just a comedy showing an over exaggeration of Greek life and the traditions of Greek families. Ones that I have seen that should be on this is list is the Notebook and Mean Girls. I am not saying I like these films too too much but as far as chick flicks goes they aren’t bad and most girls tend to tell me that they like them

  3. I think My Big Fat Greek Wedding could classify as a chick flick, I thought the whole point of the film was that the guy does whatever it takes to be a part of the family, become their religion and deals with all the craziness of her family all for the love of a woman? I don’t know I have only seen it once but that is just my opinion. I think The Notebook would definitely be on my list, along with Love Actually. My list would probably be:

    5. Mean Girls
    4. Love Actually
    3. How to lose a guy in 10 days
    2. The Notebook
    1. The Holiday

    But there are a gazillion of chick flicks I could name that I love. literally. I’m sure every list is different.

  4. You’ve got a pretty good list there. I’m not so sure about P.S. I love you! but I’m particularly thrilled to see What Dreams May Come. Here is a little add-on list that I think of as top chick flicks (probably on a more serious note)….

    5. The Joy Luck Club
    4. Steel Magnolias
    3. Love & Basketball
    2. Atonement
    1. Titanic

  5. Atonement was the only one on your list (no offense, of course) that I actually thought deserved to be on this list. Titanic was a horribly-scripted, but good in graphics and supporting acting since Leo sucked all of the hope out of that movie, piece of advertising gold that was good and had a great score, but didn’t have the ability to bring the heat, so to speak.

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