American Gangster

This movie stars Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, and Josh Brolin.  It is rated R for a little bit of everything, violence, nudity, language and drugs.  It was 2hours and 37minutes.

 This movie was about Frank Lucus a black mob boss who ran a lot of the heroin trade in New Jersey in the 60’s and 70’s.  This movie is based on a true story.  Frank Lucus (played by Denzel Washington) was the driver of a man who not only played mobster but also was a champion of the people, giving them turkeys on thanksgiving and christmas.  He dies and Frank decides to take over the job, although not all see him as being suited for it.  Most of the other mobsters and police and even FBI are surprised that he is the leader because he is a black man, and they spent a lot of the movie searching for the man he was working for.  In the end Russell Crowe’s Character, Richie, an honest cop, tracks him down and crushes him.

This movie was interesting, however it reminded me of another movie about a guy who delt drugs, that movie was Blow.  This movie seemed to me to be a carbon copy of that movie, except the main character was black, and the main character didn’t do the drugs he sold, unlike Johnny Depp who did a lot of the drugs he sold in the movie. 

The movie was a little long, and I felt that some of the scenes could have been left out, or maybe not the scenes but maybe some snippets of the scenes.  The violence was portrayed well, not being too gorey or startling.  There was a lot of nudity in the movie, but none of it involved sex, and it seemed to have a place in the film.  This was not a very sexual movie and honestly I felt that pretty much all of the scenes were there for a reason, and although it was a little long, every scene seemed to be thought out and there to push the story along.

I think if you are interested in gangsters of the past and the police force back then (3/4 ths of which was corrupt), go watch this movie.  If you are looking for something full of action and violence, like a lot of mobster movies, this is not the movie you are looking for.

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