We had thought we would have seen them all , another Resident Evil film , Like the lead character in the film (Alice) these movies won’t die. They keep making more and more after another. But this one does have a little more Edge and wit then the previous entry’s the director from the 1st one (which is probably the best of this dragged out series) Paul W.S Anderson , and this time he is bringing his nice big 3D camera with him. Like every other film coming out in this Day and Age. Its in 3D. But Resident Evil was Made for 3D so it was not as bad as my expectations were going to be. The film does have a fast-paced running time the film flows very nice and smoothly. Unlike Machete which felt like it went on and on. The 3D is impressive in this movie i will admit. Some of the Blood-Spattering scenes did keep you on the Edge of my Seat. Which was pretty neat. But this “Evil” is not the best of the series that Honer still remains to be the 1st Resident Evil. 

The film starts off with Alice (Milla Jovich) who is trying to breach the umbrella corporation and bring there entire operation down. Once and for all. I mean how long has she been trying to bring them down , What 4 movies now?. Anyway as she infiltrates the lair she use’s her superhuman ability’s and kicks some major ass. After she receives Radio Transmission that there is a place untouched by the T-Virus. She heads that way only to find a bunch of abandoned planes. And Clair (Ali Later) Who does not remember a thing that happend to her and their friends. Desperate and trying to find sign’s of life , as circling L.A she finds a group of survivors that have taken refuge at an old abandoned Prison. Where she finds the group who are desperate to get out of there. But with the gates keeping them safe are getting destroyed and with thousands of flesh eating Zombies. 

My Main Problem with the film there is little or no Plot Development at all. We get very little information about some of the characters in the film. Also we get no history as to who the main Antagonist is. Or the huge bulging buff Zombie with a hammer the size of “Texas”. Little details like that make all the difference. There really was not that much “Zombie Mayhem” if you will not as much as the previous 3 films. There is a soft but yet pro-longed build up to some mere reasonable Zombie Mayhem and in 3D no less. The actors are not that good either most of these actors are cheap B-rated material that could not get a better gig. I felt that most of the leads were under casted and maybe could have been better personal to fill the positions. Mila Jovich i guess is a good example her voice get very annoying after time. 

Overall Resident Evil is not for the faint of heart and not really for me either. I Found the movie enjoyable and had fun with it at times. The 3D scenes were pretty neat so in that department i feel i got my money’s worth. But if your looking for good acting , good story and Awesome Directing. This film is not for you. But if you just want a laid back easy and forgettable Zombie killing movie , then maybe you should rent Zack Synder’s Dawn Of The Dead. But if not this film fits the bill. Im not giving a high Recommendation for the film mainly because of acting and plot development. But you need to see the film for what it is which is the 3D. So for the 3D i would say see it in theaters. But other then that really there is no need we have seen these movies all before its nothing new. 





Helpful Hints: Small “Breif” Scene about 2mins after running credits.

Thanks For Stoppin Buy.