TMNT is the latest in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line of products.  After a lag in popularity, the franchise is back to excite a new generation of views.  The movie is short enough to keep youngsters entertained and still holds true to the story line of the orginal enough for us 3o-somthings to enjoy the fastback to our youth.  As with all Turtles movies, the action is fast paced and the story is easy to follow.  There are many voices provided by stars that are recognizable.  Patrick Stewart voices a character who is not quite a villian.  Among the other stars, Sarah Michelle Gellar takes the role of April O’Niel while the hot star Chris Evans (Johnny Storm, Fantastic four) voiced Casey Jones who is now April’s love interest.  Laurence Fishbourne narrates. 

The story begins with the turtles out of the crime fighting business.  Leo has been sent away to train.  Donny is still working on his discoveries and Mikey is still the party animal that enjoys his pizza.  As the brothers are brought back together, they must deal with the group dynamic of being brothers first before they can face the enemies.  Thirteen monsters are terrorizing the city and must be captured.  In an unusally turn, the foot clan end up helping the turtles as they work to complete the challenge. 

 The graphics are flawless and the voices match the characters well.  This should be an enjoyable movie for the whole family.

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  1. Well, this was definitely a step up from Turtles 2 and 3. First off: no Vanilla Ice appearances. Second: No Turtles in Time. The Turtles work best with straight ahead ninja action, and thankfully the people involved with this film realized that.

    The Turtles popularity initially waned because of the dilution of the franchise. They were basically whored out as kiddie toys with kiddie cartoons. Ninjas with swords and and sais doesn’t exactly lend itself to children’s programming, so the product had to become less about the action and more on the comedy. They were the Teenage Mutant Slapstick Turtles before too long.

    Granted, not everything in this film is great. The animation is a little spotty at times, particularly in the larger fight sequences. It’s simply too colorful sometimes, and it can be a bit jarring. Not all of the new characters introduced are all that interesting. Karai, in particular, doesn’t have all that much to do later on.

    All of that can be forgiven for one reason and one reason only: They FINALLY gave us the Raphael vs. Leonardo fight we’ve been wanting to see on screen for darn near 20 years now. It’s always been the judgement of serious TMNT fans that Raph was the better fighter, but Leo the better leader. That was finally put to the test and it is the highlight of the entire film.

    While not perfect, TMNT offers solid nostalgic ninja action. Perhaps this will serve as a bit of a film rebirth for the foursome, with potentially great films to be made in the future.

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