Ever think about what it would be like to transport large sums of money back and forth? The excitement, the anticipation of possibly something happening. The awareness that you must have in order to become accustomed to new surroundings again and again. But what about the temptation? The feeling that you can just take this valuable cargo and no one would be the wiser. That’s what Armored directed by Nimrod Antal brings into the picture. A team of armored truck security guards try their luck and take a chance at early retirement when a 42 million dollar package drops in their lap.

The decently put together cast includes Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno with Columbus Short as the rookie Ty Hackett and Matt Dillon as their leader Mike Cochrane. Hackett is left to care for his younger brother after their parents passed away leaving them with two mortgages and a slew of hospital bills.

Cochrane’s solution to this problem is to keep the money that they have been entrusted to transport and claim that they were robbed. Hesitant at first, Hackett eventually gives in on the condition that no one gets hurt. As they go about their heist, things begin to go awry and the team quickly starts to unravel with their freedom and lives at stake.

I have to say that I wasn’t very impressed with the story developed by James V. Simpson. The idea for the overall plot sounded good but it lets the audience down about half way through it. There isn’t anything very special about how it unfolds. Predictable and average at best, it really disappoints by the time the film concludes.

Aside from some craftiness by Short’s character, the acting, special effects and climax of the film fall severely flat. I feel as though the cast and crew had something to work with within this concept. I’m sure everyone who has seen guards walking in or out of banks with large sums of money have thought about either what it would take to pull off a heist from these guys or how they would go about doing so if they were an armored guard themselves.

Appreciating some of the side humor and realness of the financial and personal predicament that Hackett must deal with, I give thumbs up those points. Good for a late night watch or a boring weekend afternoon view, I give Armored “2.5 compromised armored truck teams out of 5”.

-“The last team stashed about 4 million dollars and told the cops that they got robbed. But they made one mistake…”

-“What was that?”

-“They didn’t take enough.”