The summer has been one dry spell after another at the theatres. It most certainly has not been a great summer for comedy. Some of the most popular names in comedy seem to be consecutive failing at large over the past few summers with an exception of  one or two movies of the genre. Adam Sandlers worst was when for some reason he took up the project JACK N JILL. Why he did the movie is beyond ones understanding. The above mentioned movie raked in quite a number of Razzie awards for Sandler and as a follower of his work that was easily the lowest.

Once you hit rock bottom it is said there is only one way to go and that’s up. Sandler collaborating with small time director Sean Anders has redeemed his putrid showcase of 2011 with the comedy THATS MY BOY. Whilst this isn’t the funniest movie to get into screens, this is by far one of the better comedies of 2012.

Fitted with a stellar cast Sandler sets sail into calmer waters leaving behind the disastrous storm of 2011. Teaming up with Andy Samberg from FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS the duo takes on the screenplay written by David Caspe. For a debut motion picture screenplay Caspe does well. Carefully crafted around a collection of characters the farce is shared instead of Sandler hogging the spotlight and failing like he did with JACK N JILL. Guest star Nick Swardson should have ideally have been given a larger character to play. However given the circumstance what Swardson got was the best to suit his talents and he shredded his limited screen time into massive laughter at every turn.

Donny became a legend in his high school overnight when the curtains opened during the valedictorian speech to showcase Donny sleeping with his teacher Ms McGarricle (Eva Ammuri Martino). Donny was in his teens when fame came knocking on his door due to his showcasing with Ms.McGarricle.  Ms.McGarricle was sentenced to 30 years of prison time for statutory rape that resulted in her pregnancy. The tabloid fame money did not last long and Donny burnt through all of it pretty quick. Donny’s son leaves him when he turns 18 and changes his name with the hopes of distancing himself from the walking shame and man-child Donny.

While one will not crack their ribs laughing through the entire movie, one will laugh and one will certainly laugh loud when the jokes come rolling down. IMDB ratings show that the movie is simply and average comic attempt whilst this critic is convinced its above average and it most certainly will be enjoyed by any mortal with a sense of humor.

Get with it, if its still at the cinemas get in line, if not its out on DVD!








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