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Top 5 Saddest Endings Ever

WARNING: SPOILERS ARE INCLUDED.Now that I have seen many movies that epitomize sadness, I believe that I have a good view on the saddest movie endings possibly ever. Two Aronofsky films, one Nolan film, one Fincher film and a Sapochnilk film. Quite a list, right? Well, the movies on this list may not seem to the average viewer to be sad, but when you think about them, they are EXTREMELY sad.

5. Repo Men – Miguel Sapochnik – It was all a dream from the dream-sensation technology made by the company he works for from the point where he was smacked in the head by Jake on.

4. Seven – David Fincher – Brad Pitt kills Spacey after finding out that his wife’s head is in a box that Morgan Freeman received. Pitt goes to jail, which raises the question: was her head in the box? Do we truly know?

3. Inception – Christopher Nolan – The film could be happy, but to me the ending was a dream, and so it is incredibly sad because Dom will never find peace again.

2. The Wrestler – Darren Aronofsky – Randy the Ram jumps off of the turnbuckle with the camera showing him jumping, but he passes the screen and the screen stays focused on the ceiling until it cuts off, allowing the audience to decide. I believe that it is saying that he died, but he died doing what he loved, which was better than him living in a way he hated.

1. Requiem for a Dream – Darren Aronofsky – Everyone’s life fell apart, with Sara going to the mental institution, Harry having his drug-infected arm amputated, Tyrone went to jail where he will remain, wishing he was with his mother, and Marion is in a sex-based dealing with a creepy black dude, which shows that Marion is superbly addicted.

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