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Whenever you want to judge a film, you, as the audience, try to decide whether or not if the movie you’re watching is great, good, bad, or just plain awful. And the movie “Vanilla Sky” falls into the later categories. This movie is bad in that you do not have a clue as to what’s going on, and the filmmakers give you an ending that does not make any sense at all. “Vanilla Sky” isn’t the worst film I’ve seen, I’ve definitely seen worse, but it is ranked in with a lot of other bad movies that I’ve watched. Now, the entire production is severely flawed, albeit a couple of good things, but nonetheless, this movie is not only bad, but also very weird.

“Vanilla Sky” is essentially a remake of a Spanish film entitled “Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes)” from 1997. Both films deal with the same subject matter, yet they are entirely different movies. The plot of “Vanilla Sky” centers on David Ames (Tom Cruise) who’s a maven in the magazine industry. David has a girlfriend named Julie Gianni (Cameron Diaz), whom he adores dearly, but during David’s birthday party, a friend of his brings a new girl, named Sofia (Penelope Cruz), and immediately David forms a relationship with her. David is now happy, but Julie thinks David has found somebody new and dumped her, so she, along with David, drives off a bridge. Thus leading towards the turning point in the movie. Here, the film examines David’s conscience and the exploration of living within dreams. (Keep in mind that this came out before “Inception”, which is way better.)

This film is very confusing and suffers from two main flaws: the cast and the pace of the movie. The supporting cast did not look like they were in the right movie. They were put into a psychological drama, yet seeing them doesn’t advance the movie any further. A little backstory and better character development could have helped a lot. But my biggest problem with “Vanilla Sky” is that the movie paces itself way too slow. There are scenes, like the encounter at the bar, that go on forever and do not make any progress at all. Also, when the film gets to the conclusion, it doesn’t make any sense, even while listening to the director’s commentary. This film is heavily flawed, making it one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

Now with that being said, are there any good qualities about the movie? Actually, yes there are. Tom Cruise delivers a pretty good performance by portraying a character that’s very likeable. The cinematography is great by showcasing New York for what it’s worth. And the music fits in pretty well. Even though some of the song selections are really, really unnecessary.

Overall, “Vanilla Sky” is an unnecessary production with only a few good things going for it. It makes the concept of dreams by dealing with one’s conscience by not making any sense at all. The film is very, very weird, but in a bad way.

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  1. Are you serious? Vanilla Sky was a great film. You have to watch to know whats going on. It does exactly what it sets out to do, to confuse you. So the filmmakers got exactly what they wanted.

  2. I really disliked Vanilla Sky, and I know nobody agrees with me but I think Inception ripped it off, and wasn’t much better. I’m all for complicated films that make you think, but I think if a film is made so confusing that nobody understands it the first time then the filmmakers are just trying to get people to pay to see it again, and more fool anybody who does.

  3. You didn’t like Vanilla Sky for the same reason you probably didn’t like Inception: Comprehension. You weren’t able to make sense of it because it just isn’t a movie where EVERYONE can watch it and get it. Vanilla Sky is not even a fraction as confusing as Inception, and they were in no way related besides the fact that the ending was confusing, and there is no way to really know what happens. And also, I understood both films the first time, and saw both of them twice in theaters, mainly because I liked it so much because of how it was set up and the film allowed your mind to wander and think “what IS going on,” even though there is a given option, and the way both were filmed was so damn beautiful and intricate that it made me blush.

  4. Actually it wasn’t comprehension – or at least not about the narrative. With Vanilla Sky it completely was, I admit I had no clue what was going on for most of it. But with Inception I had no problem whatsoever following the dream sequences, I just couldn’t get past the lack of explanation of it all and so wasn’t able to enjoy it. I maintain that they were similar though, but rather that Inception was a more simplified version of Vanilla Sky. At least you knew which scenes were dreams.

  5. that’s absolutely not true for either film. You didn’t know what was and wasn’t a dream in either film because though the twist in Vanilla Sky was given, it still could have all been a dream because of the very last scene when he opened his eyes. And also, they did explain many things in a general way in Inception, like if they said they were going to do something, they would explain it to Ariadne, who was essentially like the viewer in that she needed to learn like everyone else to grasp the situation and what they were to do.

  6. Sorry you disagree, but it’s a personal opinion so I maintain that it is true. I didn’t find it difficult to follow the dream sequences in Inception, I just didn’t like the film generally as I had other problems with it.

  7. Well, to each their own. I’m glad that you kept your opinion and didn’t conform, and I thank you for providing good commentary on the matter. Watch Vanilla Sky again, though, and just try to follow it as best you can. Don’t take your eyes off of it, because you might lose whats happening if you don’t keep all attention on it.

  8. It is a Good Movie. But not one of those great movie.
    Good for one watch. Nothing that makes you think once the movie is done.

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