The New and Improved tale of the story about Merlin has well come to the big screen , in this big-budget kind of a drap lack-luster in this summer movie season. The Performances i feel were just phoned in here by Nicolas Cage and Newcomer Jay Barachel who was more better in his previous films this year (How To Train Your Dragon & She’s Out of My League) but there is also a little wiggle room for his latest attempt at trying to get noticed by a more common main-stream audience. I Do not feel yet he has had his breakout role. I hope he was not feeling this was not gonna be it?. Well for me it was not , But Jerry Bruckheimer you may be surprised that yes he is the producer behind this film , i mean he needs to make another hit soon , cuz he is on a streak i tell ya. This film is worthy of being seen on DVD but nothing i would say rushing out to the theater and wasting your money.

The Story here is your typical Sorcerer story , that it would Obviously involve (Merlin) and of course with this enchanted story there has to be an evil villain and this to me made me feel like a little kid , there is sort of an original villain here played by (Alfred Molina) He is your typical villain. You know? the one that wants to take over the world. You see this is what bugs me , when a villain in a movie wants nothing to do with the world other than to destroy it. I mean lets face it? After he destroys the world , what is he going to do , where is he going to live?. Well some thousand years ago , there are 3 sorcerers to protect the world , but when something threatens that peace some evil girl named Morgana’s Thats where we meet Balthazar who is destined to find the next Apprentice … because only that person can save the world from Morgana and thats where we meet Dave , who after a chance encounter when he was 10 with Balthazar has now changed his life. After on accident been trapped inside the “Grim-Hold” it has been another 10 years and Dave is all grown up and is about to graduate College in Physics. Now it is up to Balthazar to train Dave so he can defeat the Morgana.

The Acting here was worthy nothing great , Like i said the two leads chemistry is not there , and the performances could have just been phoned , i feel a little bit disappointed , But i did like it more then i intended to granted i did really want to see this movie anyway. Barachel does give it his best and i do feel he has great potential to be a good actor , from his previous films which were not half bad. And Nicolas Cage , i do feel was just doing this for the pay-check , and maybe not. But i will say this the Actors are better than the material that they are given , and they try and do there best with what they got , but it seems that what they got just does not seem to be good enough for the talents that this actors have. 

Overall this was a decent flick , not among such other films related to this in a a way with such films as the National Treasures series which were pretty good. This movie is easily forgettable and after about 1 more week people are going to forget this movie even existed. But it was ok for my book , im not in love with this movie but it is decent. I mean for what it is granted it is pretty lame and sucky its not the worst film of the summer. But i do think that the actors do save this movie. The little ones may like this movie but be warned that this film does contain some minor scary scenarios they may harm or affect the young ones? i dont know. But overall in closing its a decent satire that try’s to hard to be fantasia. (including a brief scene in the middle! i will let u figure out what it is)





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