Dinner For Schmucks

I think that Steve Carell is very talented because he can take any role and make it an extraordinary character. He does this with the easy-to-love, idiotic Barry. In this movie, which is directed by Jay Roach (Austin Powers Series), is a very well-done comedy inspired by a French movie of the same name.

Tim (Paul Rudd) looks forward to proposing to his girlfriend Julie (Stephanie Szostak), but when he is asked at work to attend a dinner where they make fun of idiotic people that they bring to it, his girlfriend tells him not to do it. But, to get this promotion, Tim has to. So, by pure fate, Tim accidently hits Barry with a car and meets him that way. The following days are a living hell for Tim, and he has to try to overcome the hand fate has played on him, and he must get this job! Co-Stars: Ron Livingston, Jemaine Clement, Zach Galifianakis, Lucy Punch and Bruce Greenwood.

Best Aspects: Humor is hysterical in this movie. The whole movie is MESSED up, but it is hilarious. The acting was good, and the randomness of the events is quite humorous.

Bottom Line: B+. This is a funny movie, though not continuously, and it is a good movie to see if you want a feel-good tale that includes some slap-stick comedy.

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